Heading South for Some Sunshine?

Don’t Leave Home Without These 5 Makeup Essentials

If your summer travel plans are taking you into the Deep South, you may have wonderful plans to enjoy ample time outdoors soaking up the rays and basking in the warm air. As you pack your bags, you may bring along sundresses, shorts, tanks and tees. You may also be packing your make-up and personal hygiene products, but the fact is that the items that you may wear regularly in a northern climate may not be ideal for use in the southern states. There are five essential cosmetic items that you will not want to leave home without.

A Thicker Concealer

The summer months are ideal for a more natural or even naked look, but this does not mean that you want to let your skin go bare in the sunshine. You may need to wear a concealer to hide blemishes, circles under your eyes and other problem areas if you want to look flawless on your trip. Leave your liquid concealer at home, and reach for a stick concealer. This will have a thicker formula that will stay in place longer in hot, humid weather.

A Tinted Moisturizer

You may consider leaving your foundation at home and opting for a tinted moisturizer. It will even out your skin tone just as foundation will, but it will not feel as heavy on your skin. Some are designed to give you a sheer, natural look with a warm flow that looks great in the summer months.

A Shimmering Bronzer

You can dress up your look with the addition of a shimmering bronzer on your cheeks and nose. Look for a color with a peach or pink undertone for a lighter look. This will mimic the sun-kissed look and will leave your skin sparkling with radiance and beauty.

A Satin Finish Lip Product

A great way to round out the natural look that you are trying to achieve is to apply a satin finish lip product to your lips and even to your cheeks. If you choose the right hue and blend it in to your cheeks, it will add the perfect amount of color to your cheeks. It can also stay in place to add color to your lips throughout the day.

Sparkling Eye Shadow

You do not want to overlook the importance of eye shadow when you are packing your bags. Leave the darker colors at home, and pack colors like copper or even golden pink. Cream to powder eye shadows are often more suitable for warm, humid climates, and they can have a glimmering effect that is captivating.

You may want to look your best on your trip to the southern states, and the make-up products that you normally wear at home are not always suitable or preferred in the southern states during the summer months. You can enjoy a gorgeous, natural look that is alluring with ease when you incorporate some of these tips into your regimen and when you pack the right beauty products for your trip.