Eat These Foods to Make Your Hair Stronger and Longer


Whether it is out of desperation to restore a bad haircut or just the desire to grow a Rapunzel-like mane, you have probably been tempted to look for ways that will help spark hair growth at one point or another – and by now most probably know that not everything on the internet actually works. However, when it comes to your diet, you can actually make tweaks to it and see real results. This is because your hair growth is like a garden. How well it grows is entirely the result of what is happening “underground”. Like a field, a normal hair cycle should result in a product, which is the hair. If you are putting nutrient-dense foods in your body, and consuming a balanced diet that comprises of protein, complex carbohydrates, irons, minerals, and vitamins then you will be soon on your way to seeing favorable results. To help you get started, we have compiled here a list of 8 nutritious foods that will make your hair stronger and longer.

1.     Eggs

Your hair is made up of protein, which is why it is crucial to incorporate adequate protein into your diet. Protein is the building block of your hair, and eggs happen to be one of the richest and natural protein sources. Furthermore, they are also an ideal source of essential omega 3 fatty acids, and they also comprise ofbiotin (which is now being used by numerous people in the form of supplements). But make one thing clear: it is not really the egg whites that make your hair grow long and beautiful, it is the egg yolk. Consuming too many egg whites can actually affect the biotin absorption in the body, thus causing a depletion of this micronutrient.

2.     Seafood

Seafood including fish, oysters, and lobsters are packed with healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Your body is naturally designed to produce these fats, which is why you are left with no choice but to acquire them through supplements. Not only do this omega-3s help you fight against the disease, but also promote hair growth.

Oysters, for instance, are rich in zinc. Zinc deficiency can lead to hair loss. This is because cells that build hair are deeply dependent on zinc to help them work to their optimum potential.

3.     Bell Peppers

Bell peppers come from the capsicum family and are an excellent source of nutrients like vitamins A, C, and B6. In addition to that, they also contain vitamin K, vitamin E, potassium, and folate, along with antioxidants. For best results, go for organic red bell peppers as opposed to traditionally grown ones since they are consumed with skins and the traditionally grown ones normally come in contact with questionable pesticides, which leave their residue behind.

Vitamin C is an extremely crucial element for restoring hair health, and bell peppers offer 300% of your daily recommended intake of vitamin C. in addition to that, the vitamin also helps with the proper absorption of iron, which is another incredibly important mineral for longer and stronger hair.

These crispy spicy vegetables also help in stimulating the blood flow to the scalp, thus helping prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth. The spiciness of red bell peppers can help quicken hair growth by more than 50%. Simply boil a couple of slices of the peppers, and apply them to your scalp once they have cooled down. After half an hour, rinse thoroughly.

4.     Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is another great source of protein, which is the building block of your locks. Moreover, Greek Yogurt contains an ingredient that assists with blood circulation to your scalp, thus promoting hair growth. That ingredient is known as pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) and may even be helpful for preventing hair loss and thinning. Vitamin B5 is commonly used in numerous hair and skincare products thanks to their rejuvenating properties.

5.     Guavas

Guavas basically help prevent hair breakage. These tropical fruits are packed to the brim with vitamin C, where one cup of guava contains 377 mg of the vitamin. That is more than 4 x of your minimum recommended Vitamin C intake.

6.     Spinach

Dark, leafy greens, in general, are packed with essential nutrients. Spinach is also a green leafy vegetable, and a great source of iron, vitamin A, folate, beta-carotene, as well as vitamin C. All these minerals and vitamin work together to produce a healthy scalp and longer hair. They also retain the moisture in your hair so that they do not break. If you can find spinach, then kale is also a great choice.

7.     Lentils

Lentils are packed with folic acid, which is essential for reinstating the health of your red blood cells that provide the scalp and skin with the much-needed oxygen.The acid is also valuable for cell renewal and hair growth.

8.     Lean Poultry

Lean poultry work to thicken your hair. When we fail to get enough protein, our hair growth is pushed towards its “rest” stage. When it stops, and older hair shed, the result is hair loss. If you are looking to get your protein punch from meat, go for lean options such as turkey or chicken, which contain less saturated fat than sources such as pork and beef.


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