Are You a Makeup ‘Hoarder’?

Here Are 5 Easy Ways to Organize Your Makeup Collection

Some women take a less is more approach to their cosmetics. They may regularly reach for the same makeup products each day and stick to the same general beauty routine. Other women, however, may vary their routine based on the look they want to achieve for the day. They may love collecting different shades that enhance their beauty while also complementing their outfit, the season and even their mood. If you fall into the latter category, you may find that you have more makeup than you know what to do with, and you may be wondering how you can keep it organized. These helpful tips can help you to make sense out of your makeup collection.

Display Your Brushes

If you have a lot of makeup, chances are that you have at least a handful of different makeup brushes as well. A great idea is to fill a small jar with beans or other small, loose filler objects. You can place the handle end of your brushes in the jar. This makes it easy for you to keep your brushes in great shape and to more easily find the brush that you are searching for.

Create a Magnetic Wall Display

If you are looking for a great way to decorate your wall and to organize your makeup, one idea is to create a magnetic wall display. You simply attach a small magnet to the back of your eye shadow, blush and other cosmetic products. Then, create a decorative magnetic display feature to hang on your wall. A great option is to choose a thin piece of fabric that you love, and use this piece of fabric to cover a metal cookie sheet. Your magnetized cosmetics can then stick to this decorative piece.

Invest in Organizational Features

If you prefer to keep your walls and counters free of items when you are not putting makeup on, you can invest in organizational features that can be stored in your cabinet and easily pulled out when needed. Take time to sort our cosmetics and to determine the sizes and shapes of containers that are best suited for your needs before you start shopping.

Hang Your Cosmetics

Another thoughtful and creative idea is to place your cosmetics in decorative bucket-style containers. Each bucket may have a different type of makeup in it. For example, one may have your eye shadow, and another may have your lipsticks and glosses. You can affix a colored rope or string to your wall, and you can use decorative clothes pins to hang these buckets along the length of the string.

Divide Your Drawers

Many people prefer to keep their cosmetics in their bathroom or vanity drawers. If you relate to this, you can use dividers to organize your cosmetics. You can find simple drawer inserts in many local stores or online, or you can even use cardboard that you have cut specifically to suit your needs. This is an easy way to organize a cluttered drawer.

Many women have several dozen different makeup containers or more to contend with, and this many products can easily result in clutter and chaos. By implementing some of these great ideas, you can most easily organize your makeup in a functional way.