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Six Questions You Should Ask Your Dermatologist About Your Skin

Everyone has unique skin care issues and concerns, and you may already have sought treatment or advice from your dermatologist about your specific issues. However, there are some general questions and concerns that most people will benefit from asking their dermatologist as well. Take time to consider if you have already asked your dermatologist these questions. If not, make plans to ask these questions at your next appointment.

Should I Exfoliate, and How Often?

Each person has a unique skin type. Many will indeed benefit from exfoliating because it sloughs off old skin and enables fresh, healthy skin to be seen. However, this is not ideal for all skin types or if you have some types of skin conditions. You can ask your dermatologist if you should be exfoliating, how often and even which products or methods are best for you.

Should I Be in the Sun With My Prescription Medications

Some medications are not intended to be used with significant or even moderate sun exposure. They can result in rashes, increased likelihood of a sunburn or other issues. Whether you are currently using a topical or an oral medication, you should ask your dermatologist if you should be in the sun and how long you should have full or partial sun exposure.

Which Foods Are Bad For My Skin?

There are some foods that are known to cause or exacerbate some skin conditions. For example, if you struggle with acne, sugary foods generally should not be consumed. If you have an allergy to certain foods or if you are on a gluten-free diet, this can also impact the health of your skin. Your doctor can provide you with more insight that is customized to fit your needs.

Which Moisturizer Should I Be Using?

It can be confusing to determine which facial care products are right for you. Products are available for different skin types, such as oily or dry skin. They also are available to give you different results, such as to prevent wrinkles or to reverse the signs of aging that have already developed. Your dermatologist can help you to determine which skin care products are best for you.

Are My Moles and Sun Spots Abnormal?

It is common and even normal to develop moles and sun spots on your skin over time. However, some of these may be pre-cancerous or even cancerous. Your dermatologist can inspect any spots or moles that you have noticed and can provide you with more insight regarding whether they are normal or abnormal.

Why Am I Breaking Out?

While acne flare-ups and general breakouts may be associated with teens, the fact is that many people will struggle with these issues well into adulthood. Acne can be caused by everything from the foods you eat to stress and even hormonal changes. If you are interested in improving your skin, you can learn more about the causes of your acne from your dermatologist and can make appropriate changes.

Your dermatologist is a great resource for you to refer to for all of your skin care concerns. These are common questions that many people have, and you should make a point of asking these questions and others that may be weighing on your mind at your next appointment.