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How to Stop Your Mascara and Other Makeup from Clumping

Makeup is designed to help you look your best. When applied properly, it can truly enhance your natural beauty with incredible results. However, many women struggle to achieve flawless, natural-looking results with their cosmetics. Issues related to clumping, caking and more are all too common, and you may be wondering what steps you can take to minimize these issues from impacting your look each day. The good news is that eliminating these issues and achieving a flawless look with your cosmetics may be easier than you might think, and you can follow these tips for the best results.

Start With a Clean Face

One of the most important tips to follow to minimize issues with caking, clumping and more with your makeup is to start with a clean, fresh face. You should wash your face thoroughly each night, and use a cosmetic removal product to ensure that all of your makeup has been removed from your face. This includes your eyelashes and eyelids. Exfoliating your skin every week or two and applying a moisturizer each morning before you put your makeup are also beneficial steps to take to ensure that you have smooth, clean, healthy skin to apply your makeup to.

Use Clean Applicators

Whether it comes to applying your foundation, powder, eye shadow, mascara or other types of makeup, it is important you use clean applicators and brushes. The brushes and applicators that are sold with most products can get dirty over time with regular use, but you can purchase replacements for most items in the cosmetics department at your local store. When it comes to mascara applicators, you can attempt to clean the brush on your own, or you may need to replace your mascara tube when the applicator gets too clumpy.

Refresh Your Supply of Cosmetics

While you need to have clean applicators and brushes to use when applying makeup, you also need to be putting on quality makeup. All makeup can become old, clumpy or dry over time. This is particularly problematic for mascara, foundation and other types of liquid products. While you may want to get the most mileage out of your cosmetics and use them until the container is empty, you likely will need to refresh your supply before you run out. This will ensure that you are always applying fresh, quality cosmetics to your face.

Apply Layers If Necessary

With some products, you will want to put on two coats. This is common, for example, with mascara and foundation. If you need to layer on your makeup, it is important to allow the first coat to dry completely before applying second coat. Consider applying two or even three light coats that are dried between layers rather than a single thick coat for the best results.

Clumpy, caked on makeup can detract from your look, but these are unfortunately common problems for women to have. If you are ready to eliminate issues like clumps and cakey makeup from your life, you can consider following these helpful tips.