5 Things You Never Knew About Blackheads – Including Why You Shouldn’t Mess with Them

Everyone will get blackheads at some point in their lives. They can be difficult to see from far away, but those who stand close to you may easily be able to see them. This can cause you to feel self-conscious and unattractive, and you may want to do everything you can to minimize their impact on you. By learning more about what blackheads really are and how you can treat them, you may be able to minimize their impact on your life. Here are five important things you need to know about blackheads.

A Dirty-Filled Pore or Follicle

Your skin is filled with countless pores and open hair follicles. While these may be small in size and even barely visible for many people, the fact is that small specks of dirt as well as oil and even tiny skin cells can become trapped inside them. When this debris does not come out of the pore or open hair follicle, the result is a blackhead.

Blackheads May Be Different Colors

When you hear the term blackhead, you may instantly think about tiny black dots on your skin. However, this blemishes are not always black. Black blackheads are by far the most noticeable on most skin types, but these blemishes may also be yellowish or any number of shades between black and yellow. This is why some blackheads are highly visible and others are not.

A Cause of Pimples

You may be aware that pimples essentially are pores that have become clogged or even infected. The fact is that blackheads can easily turn into pimples, so minimizing blackheads can help you to minimize the risk of a major breakout. Keep in mind that both blackheads and pimples can be caused by oily skin, which may be brought on by hormonal changes. Because of this, you may notice flare-ups of pimples and blackheads periodically due to fluctuations in your hormones.

Pore Cleaning Strips Are Not Enough

If you have struggled with blackheads in the past, you may have already tried using the pore cleaning strips available in local stores. These are designed to be applied to your skin, and upon removal, they will pull the dirt and oil out of your pores. However, blackheads can return as soon as skin gets dirty again. Because of this, pore cleaning strips should be used in combination with regular facial cleansing products.

Gentle Cleansing Products Are Best

If you deal with blackheads regularly or if you are having a particularly bad outbreak, you may be inclined to choose the toughest remedies available. However, when it comes to treating your skin, gentle cleansing products are best. This will minimize over-production of oil and prevent damage to your skin that may exacerbate your problem.

Blackheads are unfortunately common, and most people will deal with this skin problem more than once in their lives. You can keep these important facts about blackheads in mind to help you better care for your skin.