Summer’s Coming

Try out These Hot Weather Hairstyles Before You Hit the Beach

With summer quickly approaching, you may be updating your wardrobe and preparing to look your best during the warm weather season. Summer months may be hot and humid, and this can pose an issue for you when you are styling your hair. If your summer plans include time at the beach, styling your hair can be even more problematic. Typical beach conditions combine warm temperatures with high levels of humidity, strong winds and salty air. Choosing the best beach hairstyle is important if you want to look your best while outdoors this summer, and there are a few beautiful options for you to consider.

A Long Side Ponytail

If you have longer hair, a gorgeous style to consider is a long side ponytail. This is absolutely easy to do, and you simply pull your hair down and to the side over your shoulder before securing it with a hair band. Even when your hair gets a tussled look through exposure to the saltwater and wind, you can continue to look great with this style. In addition, you can easily bring a wide-toothed comb with you to the beach to brush through your hair and re-create your ponytail within a minute or less.

A Segmented Ponytail

Another idea for longer hair is a segmented ponytail. A basic ponytail is one option, but your long strands can easily get tussled and tangled with exposure to wind and water. With a segmented ponytail, you will secure the ponytail with a new band approximately every two inches. You can poof out the hair in between the segments for additional style.

A Sleek Braid

A braid is another popular option that may work well for both medium and long hair. There are multiple types of braids that you can consider, but the best ones are those that you can re-create on the go. For example, after swimming in the water, you may want to update your look by combing out your hair and creating a new braid at the beach. Consider a French braid of a classic low braid. A variation of a long side ponytail mentioned earlier is to turn that ponytail into a braid.

An Upper Layer Pull-Back

If you have chin-length hair or longer, an upper layer pull-back is a beautiful idea. It can be different to style shorter hair at the beach, but this is a fabulous option to consider. You simply take chunks of hair on both sides of your head and loosely pull them back. You can secure them with a barrette, a clip, a ponytail band, or even a braid or knot-style hairdo. The loose pieces of your hair may take on a windblown look that can look stunning when you have the upper layers pulled back.

A Cropped, Choppy Style

Those with shorter hair may consider getting a cropped, choppy style before heady to the beach. This may be a look that already has a tussled look by design, and this means that the windy conditions at the beach will do little to impact your hairstyle. Plus, with shorter hair, you can stay cool all summer long.

If your summer plans include time at the beach, you can consider how you can use some of these beautiful hairstyle ideas to continue to look great while outdoors. These are also fabulous ideas if you have plans to relax by the pool, at the lake or in some other outdoor venue.