Five Reasons You Don’t Have the Skin You Want – and How to Fix Them

Smooth, flawless skin with an even tone may be desired by many, but it is a goal that can seem elusive to most. The unfortunate reality is that many people struggle with skin issues at some point. There are many reasons why people do not have the skin they really want. By learning more about the most common reasons why people do not have the skin they want, you may be able to identify ways to treat your own skin and to improve its look with gorgeous results.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Fine lines and even deeper wrinkles are unfortunately common, and everyone will develop these at some point in their lives. However, you can minimize their prevalence by moisturizing regularly and by using sunblock with UV protection. After they have appeared, there are various treatment options that range from creams and serums to plastic surgery.


Acne is another common skin problem that is most often on a person’s face. However, it can be a problem in other areas, including the back, chest, neck, shoulders and more. This is marked by pimples, oily skin, redness, irritation, swelling and more. There are various causes of acne, and typically, the underlying cause of the acne must be treated to remedy the problem. For example, washing with an anti-bacterial soap and taking birth control pills to stabilize hormonal changes are just some of the possible treatments.

Spider Veins

Spider or varicose veins can develop just below the surface of your skin on almost any part of the body. While most common on the legs, they are also common on the arms, face and other visible areas. The best treatment option for spider veins is a pulse dye laser treatment performed through a series of appointments at your dermatologist’s office.


You can get scars from everything from surgery or an accident to acne, chicken pox and more. These can be larger or smaller in size, and they can range in color from white to bright pink. Exfoliation, bleaching, laser treatment and steroid injections are all possible treatment options for scars. You can work with a dermatologist to discuss how you can remove the appearance of your scars.

Sun Spots

You may have once associated sun spots with older adults, but the unfortunate truth is that some people will first begin to see sun spots on their skin as early as their mid to late 20s. These are flat, brown spots that are caused by exposure to UV rays, and they can make you look older than your years. A great idea is to exfoliate the skin regularly and to use a bleaching agent like hydroquinone, to lighten the skin.

Smooth, evenly toned skin can be yours. You simply have to identify the problems that are causing you concern and find a way to treat them. Whether you have these issues or others, you can begin taking steps to improve your skin soon.