Taking good care of your hair is important both for your body and your mind. Using high quality shampoos and conditioners, ionic blow dryers, and gentle hair brushes are all helpful for maintaining beautiful, healthy hair. But are you getting the right kinds of vitamins that your hair needs to really flourish and prevent hair loss?

Your hair is made of a protein called keratin, a tough, fibrous substance that also makes up parts of your skin and nails. While your body creates keratin naturally through the foods you eat, you may not be getting enough of the vitamins required for your body to produce strong, healthy keratin.

These are some of the best vitamins for hair growth through strengthening keratin levels:

Hair Growth Supplements

Biotin – Sometimes called Vitamin H or Vitamin B7, Biotin is a B complex vitamin that not only works to make your hair, skin, and nails healthy and strong, it is also important for your liver, eyes, and nervous system and plays a key role during pregnancy.

Vitamin D – Commonly known as a vitamin received from sun exposure, Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for the health of your hair (and bones!). Vitamin D plays a key role in a process called hair-follicle cycling, which is basically the cycle your body goes through in order to grow your hair.

Getting Vitamin D may be easier for people who live in warmer parts of the world (with lots of sun), but for most North Americans, taking a supplement is necessary because of dreary weather.

Zinc – Zinc is another essential vitamin for ensuring hair health and preventing hair loss (but it is also needed for other bodily functions including the ability to taste and smell). People who exercise frequently are particularly affected by loss of Zinc. This is why a Zinc supplement can be an important part of your daily intake.

B-Complex Vitamins – We mentioned the B-Complex vitamin Biotin specifically because of its importance. However, there are a number of other B-Complex vitamins that are also important for healthy hair including Niacin (B3) and Cobalamin (B12).

In addition to the above important vitamins, there are a number of other nutrients your hair needs in order to be healthy and strong. Kerotin Hair Growth Formula contains all of these and works to ensure you have beautiful, healthy hair. Check out our list of ingredients.

Hair Loss Vitamins

While the above vitamins are essential for maintaining healthy hair, they are also often cited as a treatment for hair loss. Read more about vitamins for hair loss.