Why are we Minoxidil-Free?

If you struggle with hair loss and shedding, you have probably heard of Minoxidil, a drug that blocks the DHT hormone (a hormone responsible for hair loss) and makes your hair grow faster. It is most likely what first comes to mind when we want to regrow hair, but it is not the safest option. Here is why.

Studies have shown that using Minoxidil can cause unwanted side effects such as allergies, irritation, redness, and eczema on the scalp, leading to an imbalance in the scalp microbiome, which can cause hair thinning and shedding. Thus, doing the opposite of its primary claim- to boost hair growth.

Since it causes irritation and allergies on the scalp skin, Minoxidil can also affect the skin on your face, depending on where you apply the product. With that in mind, at Kerotin Hair Care, we developed drug-free formulas that can be more effective than Minoxidil, without harmful side effects.

Meet our Minoxidil-free products

Intensive Growth Drops

The Intensive Growth Drops is a leave-in serum with a blend of Hair Growth Peptides with higher activity than Minoxidil. Infused with Apple Stem Cell Extract, responsible for prolonging the growth phase of the hair growth cycle, and Gotu Kola which stimulates blood flow to the scalp. The formula also contains  Essential Oils and Vitamin E to nourish the scalp and prevent damage. 

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Hair Growth Peptides

The hero ingredient in our Intensive Growth Drops, a blend of hair growth peptides, consists of ingredients that block the production of DHT hormone, commonly known as the leading cause of hair loss. This allows proteins in the scalp to anchor the strands better, preventing them from shedding as well as boosting follicle size. 

A study with 30 healthy volunteers (average age 46) concluded that in four months, the active mixture in our formula could increase hair density and reduce the number of resting follicles (the ones responsible for shedding) by 47% more than those obtained with Minoxidil.

Precision Hair Growth Serum

This is your go-to product if you are looking for a drug-free solution and experience hair loss in specific parts, such as receding hairline and bald spots. The Saw Palmetto in our formula is one of the most used all-natural ingredients to combat hair loss, as it can also block the DHT hormone. Combined with Apple Stem Cell Extract that, as mentioned above, prolongs the growth phase of the hair growth cycle and other essential nutrients, this spot treatment was developed to promote new hair growth within two weeks. 

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Why go Minoxidil-Free?

The Importance of Maintaining Scalp Health

You are probably wondering why avoiding products that can harm your scalp is essential since it's not directly related to growth. The answer is simple: Our scalp plays a vital role in hair growth. The microbiome must be balanced for new hair to develop fully and intensely. Otherwise, it cannot hold the new strands for too long, leading to shedding. A healthy scalp microbiome can provide the nutrients and blood flow stimulus needed to promote new hair growth.