What is Biotin and How Does It Help Hair Grow?

Have you recently taken the plunge and got a new pixie or bob cut and now regretting your last haircut?  Wanting long hair is an instinct and there are a plethora of hair products available in the markets that trigger your hair growth. Although they all have a different chemical formula but have one thing in common ‘Biotin,' which is one of the critical nutrients that play a vital role in promoting hair growth.

 Use of hair care products containing (vitamin B7) Biotin, is becoming a common practice increasingly. This miracle ingredient is a potent hair growth supplement that is strongly recommended by not only industry-trend hopper or fashionista bloggers, but also famous dermatologists.  The water-soluble nutrient converts other macronutrients into energy and plays a significant role in the healthy growth of your nails, skin, and hair.

Biotin deficiency is rare, but if you do not get sufficient quantity of biotin, you are likely to experience skin infections and hair loss. It is essential to increase intake of biotin if you want to reap the exceptional health benefits of the nutrient for hair growth.  

What is Biotin?

 Biotin is a B complex vitamin and commonly called as Vitamin H. This essential nutrient acts as a critical coenzyme to convert food nutrient into energy. It is water-soluble that your body typically does not store. Initially, driven by the Greek word -  "bio"  - t,he term biotin means ‘life' - and the vitamin has great functional significance to keep your hair, skin, nervous system, and eyes healthy.  Also, it is a crucial nutrient for pregnant women for healthy embryonic growth. 

  Moreover, as an essential catalyst in various bodily functions, biotin performs as carboxylases - which participate in significant metabolic activities such as the production of fatty acids and glucose.

Biotin Effects on Hair Growth

Biotin, as a B vitamin nutrient is present in some food items and often linked with the growth of stronger and healthier hair. It is also used as an alternative treatment if you suffer from hair loss. Easily found in nuts, fish, soya beans and eggs, you can consume biotin through a balanced and healthy diet.

 As a vitamin supplement, biotin does wonders for people eager to grow their tresses faster and longer.  This beneficial hair growth vitamin is essential for cell proliferation that is why many dermatologists consider it a valuable hair growth tool.

The ability to react with different cell enzymes makes biotin invaluable when it comes to enumerating its hair growth benefits.

Moreover, it produces amino acids, which are protein-building blocks and are vital to keeping the cyclic process of hair growth active and stimulated.  That is the reason biotin being used as one of the essential hair growth additives to nourish hair follicles. It also helps make thin hair voluminous and increases hair growth.  Discoloration and thin hair are some of the common biotin deficiency symptoms that you can prevent by increasing intake of biotin rich food.  Taking hair growth supplement that contains B vitamin is another way to promote healthy hair growth.

 Also, to providing hair growth benefits, biotin improves the overall look of your hair, making them shinier, longer and voluminous. It prevents dullness and provides nourishment to your hair from root to tips. It also works wonders for removing split ends by repairing damaged hair. Consuming biotin rich food, along with other potent nutrients, plus it not only reinforces your natural hair cycle, but it also promotes beautiful, healthy, and thick hair.

What Does Research Say about Biotin?

There is no question that biotin is a substantial nutrient for the healthy growth of skin, nails, and hair. It has an immense effect on the overall Keratin infrastructure of your hair. To support that, many studies have surfaced evidence how a moderate intake of biotin supplements improves hair health.

In this regard, there is a study conducted in 2015, in which participants had comparatively thin hair. Researchers experimented with Marine Protein Supplement (MPS) that has a sufficient amount of placebo and biotin. Participant used this supplement twice a day for consecutive 90 days. Images of participant’s hair were taken before and after this experiment. Researchers counted the hair shed during every wash.

The results of the study showed a significant difference in the hair growth within the time span of 90 days. Researchers noticed not only an improved hair growth but also less hair shedding in the participants.

Another study conducted in 2012, demonstrated similar results where participants perceived a significant improvement in their hair growth.

How Much Biotin is Required for Healthy and Fuller Hair?

It is essential to consult a medical professional before you begin any hair-growth vitamin regimen. However, dermatologists suggest taking 240 mcg that makes 80% of biotin daily.  Moreover, combined with some clinically proven formula, biotin enhances hair growth and makes them stronger.

On the other hand, excessive biotin supplement is also associated with a few side effects such as cystic acne. So if you notice some unusual changes on your skin or other parts of the body after beginning the intake of this new supplement, consult your doctor or reduce the daily biotin dosage.

How can you Increase Biotin Intake?

 You are probably taking the sufficient daily intake of biotin from your daily diet, but if you want to see better results, you can make few changes in your diet plan by adding biotin-rich food.  Here we have listed few items that are naturally biotin-rich:

  • Egg Yolk
  • Whole grains
  • Organ meats, kidney or liver
  • Legumes, soya beans
  • Cauliflower
  • Mushrooms
  • Bananas

Bottom Line

Overall, biotin, with its scientific substantiation, has been proven as a potent nutrient required for hair growth. As an essential ingredient included in hair growth products improves hair health with other marine extracts like zinc, iron, and vitamin C.  If you have a doubt that you are not getting enough nutrients from your diet to help you grow your hair faster and healthier, you can opt for clinically proven, drug free biotin supplement.