Foolproof Ways for Growing Out Your Hair

So you want long, luscious, thick and voluminous and shiny locks; have tried everything you see online but still aren't anywhere near achieving your desire? Well, you really don’t have to worry anymore. You will be delighted to learn that you can grow your hair following very easily if you are determined to incorporate a few tips in your daily hair care routine. It is indeed true that most women are naturally blessed with the perfect hair. But there is no cause for worry or panic if you don’t – because this article has the answer to all your hair care woes.

Beauty experts often state that your hair reflects your health. A nutrient-filled diet surely determines the condition of your hair. Therefore, you should begin developing healthy lifestyle choices such as consuming fresh leafy greens, fruits, nuts, seeds, etc. One of the most dismantling factors that affect your overall health including hair is stress. 

You need to take every bit of caution in this regard via opting for regular meditation. Plus, you can promote circulation in your body by working out – doing yoga or just running for 15 to 20 minutes every day can drastically diminish your stress levels and give you’re a positive mindset. These are the elements that influence your health and ultimately lead to strong and thick hair – as well as a healthy body.

Moreover, not taking care of your hair enough – and using hot hair tools on a daily basis without heat applying any heat protectant or tying your hair super tight, or using wrong hair products all the time can also lead to hair fall and weak and brittle hair. But here is what you can do for getting genuine results, trust us:

Sleep on a Silk Pillowcase

Have you ever heard about this ancient remedy? It is true as cotton pillowcases soak the natural oil of your hair which makes your scalp dry. The latter widely contribute to hair fall limiting hair growth.

In most cases, cotton pillowcases tangle your hair and this way you lose more hair. The situation is no doubt troubling and that is why beauty experts have suggested investing in the good-quality pillowcases made specifically with silk.

Use a Wide Tooth Comb

When it comes to hair care, don’t forget that minor changes lead to major outcomes. Using a wide tooth comb may seem a common practice; it can do wonders for your hair promoting fast hair growth. Dermatologists revealed that using a regular hair brush may cause more breakage or hair fall as it contains narrow bristles.

Therefore, using wide tooth comb is highly recommended for everyone. It separates each strand of hair without causing breakage or damage. Apart from this, beauty gurus urged abandoning the habit of combing wet hair.

They suggest that your hair is weak when wet and you are supposed to treat it gently in that condition. You should not comb wet hair and use only wide tooth comb to prevent excess breakage.

Protect the Ends of Hair

Not spraying a heat protector on your hair before using a hot styling tool is a primary factor that stops hair growth. The heat soaks the natural moisture of the hair leaving it dull, dry and damaged. These factors later contribute to hair fall.

Moreover, constant heating weakens hair follicles and you don’t grow new hair. However, to impede this harrowing condition, you should opt for a heat protector before using any tools on the hair. Apply it carefully on the ends as this part gets damaged first. Make sure to invest in the high-quality product to avoid further hair issues.

Also, you can protect the ends of your hair via trimming them. You need it frequently regardless the condition of your hair. When you chop off damaged ends, it retains freshness allowing your hair to grow. If you think you don’t need regular trimming, give it a try and watch the surprising difference.

Brush Your Hair Every Night

Combing your hair once in the morning isn’t enough if you want to achieve the milestone quicker. Beauty experts always suggest brushing your hair twice a day because it has a purpose to serve. In the morning, you don’t always have enough to invest in hair brushing. However, at night, you should take out few minutes to nurture your hair.

Your scalp produces oil naturally that start building up in the roots making your hair looks greasy. Brushing your hair every night will help spread this oil to the ends of your hair promoting growth.  You should spend at least 2 – 3 minutes combing your hair gently. It will also relax your tired mind allowing you to sleep peacefully for hours. Also, avoid tying your hair while sleeping as it may cause breakage.

Extra Nourishment

Shampooing and conditioning your hair isn’t enough. To grow long and gorgeous hair, you are required to put in significant efforts. Various celebrity hair stylists recommend products that strengthen and help grow your hair rapidly. Moreover, you can find plenty of hair masks, serums, and other products made with natural ingredients on the market to nourish your hair.

You only need to identify your hair type and condition before opting for the hair products. Also, do not forget trying out home remedies to grow your hair. These remedies contain natural ingredients and the components found in them are potent enough to change the condition of your hair. You can apply hair masks made with yogurt, banana, avocado, butter etc to deep conditioning your hair.

According to beauty experts, everything works well in moderation. Hence, do not apply any masks more than twice a week. Apart from this, you should incorporate protein treatment to accomplish desired results.

Massage your Scalp

Maintaining healthy scalp also contributes to hair growth. Therefore, try massaging it with various oils regularly. It will ward off dandruff, fungus, or infections that also hinder your hair growth.

Moreover, a gentle massage using just your fingertips promotes circulation, which is essential in this regard. You can incorporate olive, coconut, mustard, jojoba, or castor oil.

However, refrain from over massaging your scalp as it might make your hair look greasy. Treating your hair with warm oil once a week sounds perfect.

Bottom Line

Growing healthy hair may seem a tough task but it is not. You will only need to learn which procedures and products would work for you as per your hair type and condition. Therefore, identify them and experience the jaw-dropping outcome.