Wedding Guest Hairstyle Trends You Surely Must Follow

So wedding season is here, and it is without a doubt one of the most important days for not only the bride but the bride maids as well. If you’re invited as a guest it is a time to make a lot of memories. Whether it is your family member or the best buddy who is walking down the aisle this summer, you surely want to celebrate the big day in style.

Know that the best wedding appearance is not just about wearing a fancy formal gown or attractive ornaments. The hairstyle you choose with your dress can make a world of difference to your overall look.

Choosing a good hairstyle doesn’t mean that you need to go overboard and hire a professional stylist to make you an intricate updo. Nor it means that you should make it too casual, like a messy top knot or simple ponytail, that it ruins your complete look.

 However, a well- dressed wedding guest means the one who knows how to make a chic hairstyle with just a few accessories, hairpins, and ties to stand out in the crowd. In other words, your hair game should be as strong as your attire.

Whether you choose the classic chignon, a ponytail or trendy half-up style, you need to take on the wedding reception in a unique style. Interestingly, you can easily achieve a trendy and professional look with the help of simple bobby pins, or velvet bows. Using the same accessories in different ways can take your hairstyle game to the next level.

 However, to achieve these gorgeous new style heights, make sure that your hair is strong enough to deal with the variations. No matter what beautiful wedding hairstyle you pick for an event, if your hair is dry, brittle and frizzy, it is hard to pull off the look. Strong, shiny, and voluminous locks, on the other hand, can make a simple hairstyle looks super gorgeous.

Kerotin products, in regard, are an ideal choice to achieve your hair goals. Their wide range of products includes shampoos, conditioners, serums, oils, and hair mask. All these products come with the goodness of natural ingredients to promote your hair growth, and to reduce hair problems, like hair thinning, dryness, and split ends. Moreover, kerotin renewal formulas provide great protection from the harsh UV rays if you are attending summer weddings.

If you’ve already picked your wedding guest outfit but are still unsure about the hairstyle, the article is worth reading.  From Boho down-dos to classic updos, we have incorporated some of the trendy and timeless wedding guest hairstyles here.

We guarantee you these super stylish wedding guest hairstyles will not make you feel cringe when you look back on your wedding photos after years.

Take a look at these simple yet elegant wedding hairstyles to help you make a style statement at your loved one’s big day.

Trendy Wedding Guest Hairstyles You shouldn’t Miss out

Curved Twist

Gone are the days when straight pulled back tresses were considered a stylish hairdo. Nowadays, no one even notices your hairstyle if your hair is tied in a simple straight bun. But that doesn’t mean that you should give up on this hairstyle- instead, you can try adding a side twist to it. All you need to do is wrap around half of your strands on the head and half at your neck.

The hairstyle works perfectly well with medium thick tresses that are at least mid-length. Plus, you need a lot of hairpins to make this hairdo.

Pilled High Updo


This textured updo may seem difficult to make, but it is one of the easiest ones. You will see several celebrities carrying this look effortlessly in formal events. This slicked back, piled high updo goes perfectly well if you have natural curls.

The voluminous hairstyle can stay all day, so there is no need to touch up your hair every hour. Just pair this unique hairdo with some attractive earrings, and you’re ready to walk down the aisle.

Low Pony Tail with Ribbon

If you think that ribbons are out of fashion, you are mistaken. Thanks to Michael Van Clark for recreating the look and reminding us that ribbons can still make the best part of any hairdo. And to try them on, there is no need to make a tricky hairstyle.

That means you can tie off a velvet bow or a slim satin as a simple accessory on a soft ponytail. Soft curl your hair and then tie a low pony with a beautiful ribbon wrapped around it. Let the ribbons strands hang on the pony effortlessly.

Thin Plaited Braids

Looking for a hairstyle that can instantly grab the attention of wedding attendees? Well, if yes, then try this supremely beautiful updo with thin plaited braid. Divide your hair in two parts and make thin braids on either side. Tie the rest of the hair into a low, slim bun. To make it more glamorous, tie a ribbon on the bun.  

Your hair needs to be strong to withstand the stretch and pull of plaited braids. Try kerotin renewal hair mask and deep conditioner to give strength to your hair.

Ballerina Bun

Slicked back bun is extremely easy to make yet looks super classy. The style can pull off your looks with any wedding outfit. Wrap around the thick strands and make a high bun.  Untuck a few tendrils in front of your ears to give a soft look and to add sleekness.

Classic Glamour

No doubt a sleek chignon is an all-time favorite hairstyle for the wedding season. The timeless hairstyle works with all kinds of outfits due to its simplicity. Not only this, the hairstyle gives a vintage vibe, adding a class to your overall look.

 However, sleek chignon can be better pulled off on long-haired beauties.

Braided Crown Bun

If your hair is of medium length and takes a lot of effort when you style it, this hairstyle is worth considering for the wedding guest hairstyles. If you have wavy locks, braided crown braid looks even better.

 Part your hair into two sections and make a crown braid with the side hair. Gather the rest of the hair into a messy bun and tie. Don’t worry if it looks a little messy or muddled. This style does not need to look perfect, and that is what makes it even more special and inviting.

Bright Hues Updo

This glow hues hairstyle is all the rage these days when it comes to choosing the trendy wedding guest hairstyles. Although it’s a simple updo, the vibrant brunette hue is what makes it stand out among all other hairstyles.

You can use kerotin shampoo to protect your vibrant hair color and prevent discoloration.

Victorian-Level Ponytail


Wispy, loose, and soft, the stylish hairdo will remind you of Jane Austen’s novel. The traditional Victorian ponytail is not something very common. That is why it gives your personality a unique and decent look. You can use a black satin ribbon to keep the look polished.

Wet-Look Waves

Buns and ponytails are not the only options to try for a wedding guest hairstyle. You can stave off your summer frizzy hair by opting for something old yet modern. Wet-look waves are a perfect choice if you’re considering leaving your tresses open for a wedding party.  Try a side-parted, slicked-back look of Shay Mitchell to make it even more attractive.

Mermaid Braid

Weddings are celebratory occasions, and mermaid braid makes the perfect combination with them.  Although making it seems cumbersome, it is relatively easy and looks super fancy. The hairstyle harmonizes well with lace or floral prints and looks good on blonds.

You can make the hairstyle by using a tail comb and curling iron. Section your hair into three parts and plaits each part into a simple braid to the hair end. Now take other section of your hair, twist it from above, and insert it into the braid’s loop. Repeat the process with other parts until all the parts are combined in the single braid. 

Slightly loosen the loops with fingertips to give the braid an undone finish. Use a hairspray to set the flyaways.  Adding fine satin, beads or velvet ribbons to your mermaid braid is one way to up the glamour game of your hairstyle.

The Half-up


This hairstyle is not only beautiful, but also practical. Why?

It is because it manages your hair in a way that you don’t have any loose tendrils or bangs coming on your face. This is one of the best wedding guest hairstyles you can have if you’re going to be a bridesmaid. The half-up uses your hair’s upper front section. You can twist it or braid it back and secure it with bobby pins.

The rest of your tresses can be curled or styled straight. Try wide hair slides or delicate headbands to make this hairstyle super elegant. The hairstyle is both casual and playful; it goes well with an outfit that has similar vibes. Pair it with strapless chiffon and shorter dresses to complement your look.

Floral Updo

This updo, without a doubt, is a safe choice for all kinds of weddings. Whether you’re attending a formal wedding or a casual wedding, floral updo doesn’t only look good, but also make a lasting impression. There is no need to go to the hair salon for hairstyling if you know how to adjust colorful flowers in a braided bun playfully.

First, apply some mousse to your tresses to give them a little hold. You can also give them waves with a curling iron and make a braided half bun. Weave the flowers of your choice over the braided bun and secure them with bobby pins.

French Braid Crown

Remember tying French braids that rocked your childhood? The beautiful hairstyle is gaining popularity in wedding hairstyles again because of its effortlessness and uniqueness. Many people love making this braided crown with a small knotted gathering in the end.

Low-bun with Curled Tendrils

Going to attend a casual wedding? The hairstyle is perfect for outdoor weddings. The low-bun with slightly curled tendrils looks romantic and simple and is reminiscent of a country night.

Faux Hawk Glam

This gorgeous and edgy hairstyle combines faux hawk top and a side braid.  It is one of the fun hairstyles to opt for and lets you steal the attention in no time. It is formal enough that you can even wear it to fancy weddings.

 To glam up your look, pair this wedding guest hairstyle with big metal earrings to make it even more prominent.

Twisted Braid Hold

 Growing out locks or thinner hair can make the most of this hairstyle.  All you need to do is make a side braid and wrap it around a styled ponytail. Simple yet fun and cute!

Wavy Tendrils

There is no denying that ringlets are timeless, especially when it is about adding glamour to wedding guest hairstyles. This lovely hairstyle looks amazing on luscious and voluminous locks. Just tease under layers of your crown section and pull them into a twist and make a bouffant.

 Secure your hair with bobby pins and curl the remaining strands with a barrel iron. Take out some tendrils and style them.

Thick Curled Updo

Rejoice if you have thick colored hair. This wedding guest hairstyle is both easy to create and fancy. Just gather all your chunky curls into an updo. You can slick down your front hair if you want to achieve a finished look. If your hair is not long enough, try using a hairpiece to make the hairstyle.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, as a guest, it is important that you show your best fashion taste on a big day of your loved one. Matching your hairstyle with your outfit is one way you can glam up the wedding ceremony and surprise people with your style sense. Try these superb wedding guest hairstyles to achieve the desired look.