Thinking About Going out Without Makeup?

Here’s Why You’ll Want to Try a Tinted Moisturizer

Many women wear foundation as a base coat under their cosmetics. It has the ability to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles and to even skin tone. Some offer true benefits like moisturizers, UV protection and more that can actually improve your skin while also helping you to look better. However, foundation can also be rather thick and heavy, and you may be thinking about skipping the foundation and going out without any makeup on at all. While this is one option available to you, you may consider reaching for a tinted moisturizer instead. There are a few good reasons why a tinted moisturizer may be your best option.

UV Protection

Most types of foundation today do have some UV protection. When you choose to go out without any makeup on, you are losing this important protection. Many types of tinted moisturizers available on the market today do have UV protection as well. This means that you can enjoy the light, natural feel of a tinted moisturizers as well as the benefits of UV protection.

Evening Out Skin Tone

Many women deal with the problem of uneven skin tone. While some choose to correct this issue by applying a layer of foundation on their faces, a tinted moisturizer can also provide this same benefit. Unlike foundation, however, a tinted moisturizer is typically not effective at hiding blemishes. Therefore, if you have a problem with uneven skin tone and your skin is relatively free of blemishes, a tinted moisturizer is a great option.

Moisturizing Benefits

Moisturizing your skin is a great way to keep it looking young and healthy, and it can stave off problems with dryness. When you go out without makeup, you will not have any moisturizer working to promote healthy skin. A tinted moisturizer will provide you with cosmetic benefits while also adding moisture and nutrients to your skin to give you a healthy flow.

No Powder Required

When you go outside without makeup, you run the risk of having a shiny forehead or nose. Your body may produce natural oils that can create this shine, and you may feel inclined to apply powder to your face to keep this sheen to a minimum. Powder is also commonly applied over foundation, and this means that powder is a part of many women’s beauty routine. However, when you use a tinted moisturizer, you typically will not need to apply powder at all to achieve a matte look to your skin.

You essentially have three options to consider before you head out. You can go without makeup, apply foundation under your cosmetics or use a tinted moisturizer. As you can see, using a tinted moisturizer is a great solution when you want to enjoy the benefits of foundation without having to wear so much makeup. If you have not yet tried out a tinted moisturizer, you may consider taking a closer look at some of the options and trying this out for yourself today.