Let’s Talk Feet

How to Care for Your Feet After Punishing Them in Heels All Week

Heels can make your legs look long, lean and gorgeous, but they can also kill your feet and lower legs. At the end of a long week spent wearing heels, you may be ready to kick your feet up and relax. Heels can truly punish your feet, and simply kicking your feet up and relaxing is often not enough to ease the aches and pains from your heels. Because of this, you may need to pamper your feet with extra TLC after spending a week in heels. These are some excellent steps that you can take to ease your foot pain and care for your feet.

Choose Shoes With Cushioning

Many heels have little or no cushioning on the insoles. This can make your feet ache from the balls of your feet up to your calves, knees and higher. Joints and muscles alike can ache due to this problem, and the best way alleviate the pain associated with this is to wear shoes with cushioning. This may mean sliding into a pair of cushioned slippers in the house and choosing to wear athletic shoes or other footwear with cushioning on the weekends when you are out and about.

Get a Massage

Another way to treat your feet to the extra touch of pampering care they need is to get a massage. This may be something as simple as having your spouse give you a foot rub at the end of a week, or it may include a pampering deluxe pedicure or a full body massage at the spa. Soaking in a hot tub is also a great way to relax the muscles in your feet and lower legs, and these muscles may be tense or even exhausted from walking around with the incline of your heels throughout the week.

Take an Anti-Inflammatory

In some cases, you may need a little extra help relaxing your aching muscles and joints after wearing heels all week, and you may consider taking an anti-inflammatory pain killer. There are several options available over the counter, and these can provide you with more significant relief for your aches and pains. You can take a painkiller throughout the week as needed. However, if you find that you regularly need to take a painkiller to get through the pain from your shoes, you may need to alternate between wearing heels and flats throughout the week to give your feet and lower legs a break from time to time.

If you wear heels daily or even from time to time during the week, your feet and lower legs may understandably feel the stress and strain from your choice of footwear. Heels can look amazing with your outfits, but they also be incredibly uncomfortable to wear. After you slide your shoes off at the end of a busy week, take time to treat your feet and lower legs to the extra care they need. You can alleviate your pain and feel much better when you follow these tips.