The Hottest Hairstyles from the Oscars Red Carpet That You Can Try

The Oscars red carpet always remains the center of attention for its magical exhibits of beauty, style, and trends. It is a place that is full of mesmerizing gowns, glamorous jewelry, sexy stilettos and yes not to forget awe-aspiring hairstyles.

While all the designer gowns and expensive diamonds may be out of your reach, one thing which is entirely accessible is gorgeous hairstyles. Just like the fabulous outfit, hairstyles have much to contribute to the overall Oscars looks. And it is not wrong to say that whoever walked on the Oscars Red Carpet nailed it right!

Like most of us, you may not watch the entire Oscars show, but you definitely want to see who was wearing what and carrying what style on the Oscars Red Carpet. It is a beautiful opportunity for you to take a glimpse of the style evolution of various celebrities whom we admire and seek to mimic their particular style.

Whether it's Helen Mirren or sassy Taraji P. Hanson or sexy Angelina Jolie, no one is left out from the Oscars festivities, and you get a chance to see their personal style statements.

The real beauty of the Oscars Red Carpet lies in the fact that it brings various Hollywood Celebrities of all ages together giving you the opportunity to get inspiration for your overall look including hairstyles.

If you are looking for stunning, distinctive and stylish hair inspirations, Oscars Red Carpet can give you variety of hair goals. From flowy curls to braided updos, to high ponytails, polished Chignon and many more, you can get the hottest hairstyle Oscars inspirations for parties, date nights, anniversaries or for any glamorous event you are planning to attend.

Here is a list of some of the hottest Oscars Red Carpet hairstyles which you can easily achieve at home to envy your friends on your next party or event.

Lady Gaga’s Blonde Haircolor and High Hair Updo

Lady Gaga is one of the hottest stars and most anticipated celebrities in Hollywood. People waited to see her appear in stunning style. She appeared in a unique and tempting hairstyle which caught the attention of every spectator. She wore ash blonde hair done in a high updo.

To create this exclusive Lady Gaga’s hair updo, you can pull all your hair upwards leaving some strands out from the front and form an updo on the top of your head with the help of pins. You can create flowy waves with the left out strands on the front of your updo and settle them with hair setting spray.

Swept Back Hairdos

Swept back hairdos never go out of celebrity fashion. We have seen one or the other celebrity every year on the Oscars red carpet wearing this super classy hairdo. Jennifer Lawrence appeared on the red carpet with her swept-back hairstyle. She selected a loose swept back hairdo for her short and voluminous hair which made her face the center of attention, highlighting her beauty. Although this particular hairstyle remained confined to catwalks for quite some time, this time it made its way to the red carpet.

It is one of the hottest hairstyles to follow in the coming season. If you have short hair, making this Oscars red carpet inspired hairstyle is easy and quick. Slightly wet your hair and apply some hair setting gel or spray and use your hands to create this lose swept up hair. Let it dry, and you are all set for the party look!

Sleek, Shiny and Eternal Short Bob Look

The short bob is alive again. It is the hottest hairstyle of 2019 and celebrities on Oscars Red carpet proved it. But this year it appears with a slight twist. Emilia Clarke and Charlize Theron, both stars appeared in dark hair colors with a short bob. These celebrities usually like to style all their cuts in shiny and lustrous waves, and their new bob cut is no exception. A straight, sleek and shiny finish to the fresh single solid color dyed hair gives them an optimally stylish look with even more shine.

If you already have your hair cut in a short bob, go for a solid dark brown color hair dye. And if your hair is frizzy or has curls, go for Kerotin hair treatment to achieve sleek, straight and shiny bob look which Emilia and Charlize boasted on the red carpet. This would eliminate the need for regular flat-ironing or blow drying your hair, and you can enjoy perfectly straight and shiny hair without efforts. 

Half-Up Style of Jessica Chastain

Not just the hair color of Jessica Chastain was impressive on the Oscars Red Carpet but also her breathtaking hair-do which grasped everyone’s attention. She wore her long hair styled in a half-up and half down hairdo with waves tumbling down her shoulders and few face-framing strands left out to show off subtle layers.

You can also look as stunning as Jessica Chastain by creating this simple yet chic hairdo. If you want to give it a touch of versatility and uniqueness, go for the two-toned hair highlights. You can either color your hair in pastel and golden shades or in a burgundy tone, according to your complexion and preferences. Part your hair in half and up-do the upper portion of the hair leaving few tresses out to frame your face. Either slightly curl the lower half of the hair or leave them untamed to create a care-free look.

Achieve a Vintage Look for Your Night with Classy Curly Up-do

Natalie Portman showed off her vintage curly hair up-do at the 2009 Oscars, adorned with the beautiful barrette which added a vintage sparkle to the look. She appeared in a designer hair bun combination in which the hair bun was actually created with small curls.

If you want to achieve this vintage style look for your party, you need to make your hair in a high up-do and create tight curls of your left out hair and pin them up to form a bun. From the front, you can either leave few hair strands out to give a softer look or can have it back up in waves with hair setting spray for a formal party look. Add a barrette or any other hair accessory to complement this hairstyle and appear like a queen on the red carpet.

Rock the Red Carpet Look with Loose Flowing Waves or Curls

Whether long or short, curls are never out of style. You can see that at the Oscars red carpet event, one or more celebrities always appear with beautiful flowing curls or wavy hair. No matter you have naturally curly or wavy hair or have to create them, curly or flowing waves are sure to rock your red carpet look.

For styling your hair in this look, you need a curling iron. Use the medium heated curling iron and hair gel or spray to curl your hair strands if you have straight hair. In case, you have natural curls, you only need to set and style them using hair spray. And you are ready to embrace the party in red carpet look.

Look Glamorous In a Braid and Bun Combo

French Braid is another most anticipated hairstyle on the Oscars red carpet events. This sophisticated braid can be combined with the bun on the back to create an artistic hairstyle. Berenice Bejo, a Parisian actress, appeared in French braided hair from the front and a neatly done bun on the back.

You can also copy her look if you are an expert in making French braids or can ask someone to do it for you. Create a braid in front on one side or both sides. Then gently tug at the braid pieces along the hairline to give an undone effect. When you are done with creating the braid, make a neat bun of remaining hair at the back. You can use hairspray to settle and give an elegant look. If you want to give a sparkling look, you can add some glitter to the braided part of the hair or a hair accessory on your bun.

Egyptian Goddess Look of Jessica Biel

A crisp and clean middle part with sleek strands falling around the face is perfect for creating an Egyptian Goddess style look.

For creating this look, you need to blow dry your hair to smooth and flawless perfection. Use some good blow dry serum or cream that helps to control frizz and gives a glossy finish to your hair. Part your hair from the middle or one side and set the hair strands one by one to form flowing waves. Set them with a hair setting spray to appear like a Midas on the party.

Capture the Zendaya Look

Zendaya’s killer topknot won the red carpet. She kept it classy yet simple with her sleek and neatly tied topknot. It is a quick and easy to make hairstyle, which you can make in a short time but still look hot. 

To make Zendaya’s Oscars red carpet look, you need to make a neat high ponytail on the top of your head. Apply hair setting spray to your hairline and neat it with a styling comb. Part the hair of the ponytail and twist them around from behind the ponytail in the opposite direction and wrap up the other portion in other direction of your ponytail. Use bobby pins to secure your hair up-do. You can use some hair accessory like small flower strand or clip around this look to give it a more formal and party touch.

Body Waves to Make a Rebellious Look of Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is one chic babe who usually adopts a carefree attitude towards her styling. She stays true to her style no matter what and still looks fabulous on the Oscars red carpet. She even displays her rebellious side on Hollywood's red carpet events. She flaunted her style on the red carpet, carrying body waves. Her beguiling yet straightforward look is quick to adopt.

You only need to purchase a curling wand for creating these bewitching curls and add as many curly waves as you like. Remember, to use the holding hair spray which helps to keep your seductive waves flowy and in place.

Adorned Look With Short Hair? Glam It Up Babe!

Who said that you cannot give a fancy look to your short hair? Here is a secret of Hollywood’s famous hair stylist: glam up your short hair with embellishments. Ruth Negga looked ritzy in her ruby tiara which complemented her jewelry and her gown. You do not need an expensive tiara to adopt a similar look.

A lovely headband is enough to create this glamorous look. When you are using headbands, remember to produce as much height as possible. To give your hair the celebrity look, take some volumizing spray foam and add in your damp hair. Use a small round brush to lift and fluff your hair from the scalp and work towards the edges. Form loose curls at the back and set glitzy headband or tiara to adorn the look.

Halle Berry’s Natural Woman Look

Halle Berry never fails to look great on the red carpet. Just when you are expecting her to appear in her regular pixie look, she turns heads with her head full of majestic curls. The addition of mocha highlights to her hair enhances the overall appeal of her curls.

If you too are a full curly head girl, make curl cream your best friend. Apply it evenly from your roots to the tips in damp hair. Then comb your hair thoroughly before drying. To define your curls, you can add more curl cream after drying.

All these classic, chic and glamorous hairstyles are perfect for keeping you rock through the parties or events. These are easy to make and manage at home with little effort.