Common Hairstyling Habits that can Damage Your Hair


When it comes to staying up to date with hair trends, most people are not gentle on their hair. From lowlights, highlights, and chemical perms to blow-drying, braiding, and straightening, how you treat your tresses has an impact on how unhealthy or healthy your hair becomes.

Causing lackluster strands, split ends, and hair breakage, styling your hair can wreak havoc on the natural beauty of your hair and its health.

Hair experts say that the lifecycle of your hair depends on several things and styling is one of them. That means, the more you style your hair aggressively, the more it damages the natural makeup of your hair. So, if you’re noticing more hair fall, especially while you are in the shower, it’s likely that you’re experiencing hair loss because of styling your tresses vigorously. Let’s find out what common hairstyling habits can damage your hair.

Wearing Heavy Extensions or Weaves

If you have short hair and you’re mesmerized with Rapunzel’s long tresses, you may want to don up like that. So, you will opt for various hair add-ons, like synthetic weaves or extensions. But do you know that hair experts say that wearing heavy extensions or weaves can pull your hair, making it fragile and thin? The weight of the weaves can cause tension and stress your strands. If your weave is too tight or you keep it for longer than the recommended period, like 4 weeks, it can potentially damage and pull your hair out.

Don’t forget that your hair needs to breathe well even when you’re wearing any extension or other accessories. Well, if your hair has already become thin and weak, you should use Kerotin’s argan oil one hour before the shower. It will tame frizz and make your hair luscious and shinier. Furthermore, it will help treat your split ends while making your strands stronger and healthier.

Blow Drying Wet Hair 

Whether it’s a family gathering or a friend’s party, you surely want to make a bold statement with different yet enchanting looks. Of course, you need to do your hair, but your tresses are a little stubborn when it comes to styling.

In that case, you probably choose any hair-style product or go for the simplest method- blow drying! While you will be able to style your hair strands as you want, but remember that even this seemingly benign procedure can mess with your locks if not done correctly.

Remember that your hair is flimsy and more prone to damage, especially when it is color-treated or highlighted. Blow drying them when they are very wet will wreak havoc on your tresses since your strands are so frail. Moreover, you will pull them with a hairbrush to dry or style them and chances are, they will snap because of heat and exertion.

Wondering how to prevent hair breakage? Well, you must remove excess water from your hair with a towel before styling. After that, hand dry your strands, as it will help remove the moisture and free up your natural texture, allowing you to make sections easily and blow dry them while preventing any damage or breakage.

In addition, make sure to use Kerotin’s argan oil as your styling product, especially after blow-drying to bring attractive shine to your locks.

Using the Wrong Hair Ties

Are you thinking of tying up your hair in high ponytails or braids? Not to forget, the elastic ties you will use can also lead to breakage. Especially when you use tight elastics, like rubber bands or something that is not cloth covered; it will surely pull your hair out, making them thin and fragile.

Therefore, you should avoid rubber bands and instead choose ties that are covered with soft fabric, like velvet to prevent breakage. This way, your ties will easily slide off rather than making your strands stuck.

However, if your hair is already thin, you must add Kerotin’s products to your hair care regimen. This will ensure that you get luscious, stronger, and longer hair, no matter what hair type you have. For instance, you can use Kerotin’s shampoo and renewal conditioner; it will make your hair smooth and silky while ensuring robust hair health at the same time.

Using Heat Styling Tools Every Day

When you see a lot of women, especially celebrities with their hairs coiffed up, you’re more likely to style them every day. Remember that using heat-styling tools repeatedly not only destabilizes the structure and texture of your hair, but also makes them more fragile. However, it doesn’t mean that you must throw away your hot combs, curling irons, blow dryers, or flat irons.

Instead, you can take preventative measures to strengthen your tresses. You can use hair treatments, such as Kerotin’s hair growth formula or renewal hair mask against heat damage and lock your natural shine and texture.


You may often hear that it’s good to brush your hairs several times a day, maybe 50-100 strokes, to prevent tangles and breakage. However, it’s always good to keep your strands untangled, yet you must not overdo it. Hair experts say that over brushing your hair leads to breakage. Therefore, you must comb your hair before washing and blot them with a towel after a shower.

However, when you are brushing to style them, make sure to use the appropriate brush. For instance, you can use a round and a metal brush to comb your hair while blow-drying. For curly manes, a tough bristle brush is the best option whereas flat brushes are good for sleeker finishes.

Besides that, you can use Kerotin’s sleek silk serum to brush them without any hassle. Also, using Kerotin’s products will nourish your strands and make them smoother and shinier.

Teasing or Backcombing

If you’re thinking of making your thin hair look fuller with teasing or backcombing, it’s a bad idea! It not only makes your hair fragile, but also damages them, leading to hair breakage and split ends. In addition, backcombing drastically damages your strands, making your hair frizzy.

 Fortunately, there are some alternatives to make your hair look fuller. First, you can use Kerotin’s argan oil or sleek silk serum; it will make your tresses stronger and thicker, giving them a healthier appearance.

Other than that, using the right hair products, such as those from Kerotin, will help boost the production of collagen, which promotes elasticity. Adding such amazing products to your daily hair care routine not only makes your hair healthy and strong, but also makes you stand out with luscious, thicker hair.

Treating your Tresses Roughly

Either habitually or when you’re in hurry, you may treat your hair very roughly. Aggressively shampooing, combing recklessly, and tying them vigorously is not a good idea. However, hairstylists say that whatever you do to your hair, you must do it gently. Especially when you are styling them, make sure to use Kerotin’s sleek silk serum to prevent tangles.

Also, wash your hair with Kerotin shampoo to provide enough moisture so that when you style them, you won’t have to struggle with your wild and stubborn locks while untangling them.

Besides the common myth that a 100 brush strokes are good for your hair, you should only comb them when needed. Furthermore, make sure to use a wide-tooth comb for detangling your strands.

Over Bleaching

Treating your hair with color dye makes the fiber fuller, but bleaching your tresses isn’t a healthy option. Not to mention, bleach contains some chemicals that damage cuticles and makes your hair fiber thinner. As a result, your hair becomes more susceptible to breakage.

Instead of bleach, you can ask your hairstylist to treat your strands with a high-lift hair dye. Besides that, you can also ask them to reduce the quantity of bleach, as it will minimize hair thinning.

Moreover, avoid using perm products, as it will damage the covering that protects your hair shaft. Whether you’re dying your hair in light blonde or smoky silver highlights, you must make sure to prepare your hair before color treatment. For that, use Kerotin’s hair care products every day to reinforce your hair health. This will ensure that when they undergo rough color treatment, your tresses will stay strong enough to tolerate harsh chemicals.

Using High Heat Setting

So you’re not happy with your natural hair texture and want to straighten them. Or maybe you’re bored enough to see your straight locks and want to bring some change- thinking to curl your strands? Are you picking your hot rollers, curlers, or flat irons for that? Wait… You need to know that these styling tools can actually damage your tresses, causing inevitable damage and breakage.

Also, these heating tools can damage your cuticle, especially when you’re using it on a high heat setting and styling your locks every day. 

However, you can minimize this damage by strengthening your hair locks. Using Kerotin’s products, like keratin renewal shampoo or renewal hair mask, will rejuvenate your hair health, making it stronger and healthier than before. 

Using the Wrong Styling Products

When it comes to styling, you often pay less attention to your hair health and more to ‘how you look’. Of course, you want to look the best and stand out from the people around you. While transforming your looks with amazing hairdos is a good idea, some styling products can have an adverse effect on your hair health when you use them for a longer period.

Not to mention, some flat irons and hair creams or sprays can damage your hair follicle, making your tresses brittle and dry.

Besides that, the residue left on your scalp or strands from these products can increase hair fall while harming your hair fibers and cuticles. Therefore, you must be very precise when it comes to choosing styling products. For instance, you can use Kerotin’s sleek silk serum or shapeshifter hairspray to style your hair.

Using such products will not only make the styling process easier, but also ensure that less or no damage is done to your tresses.  

Hairstyles that are Damaging for your Hair

With a burst of attractive and enchanting hairstyles all over the internet, you might be wondering to don up your tresses in some amazing hairdos. But do you know that wearing some hairstyles regularly can actually damage your tresses?

High Ponytails

While ponytails are an easy and quick way to make yourself graceful, high ponytails can be one of the most damaging hairstyles. Elastic ties grip your strands too tightly, making your hair shafts brittle. Besides that, it can cause fray, especially when you tie up your hair high on a consistent basis.

So, styling your hair in a high pony for a casual meeting with your pals is okay, but using it as your go-to style every day can actually damage your tresses. To prevent that, you must incorporate Kerotin’s shampoo and conditioner into your daily hair care regimen. Also, use cloth-coated hair ties to ensure a damage-free and secure grip.

Tight Braids

There is no doubt that braids have always been trendy when it comes to modern hairstyles. But you need to keep in mind that if your hair is pulled back too tightly, it will tug your cuticles while creating tensile stress. It can make your tresses weaker, causing follicle damage and splitting in the process.

Especially the Felicia or boxer braids can cause drastic damage to your hair as these styles tug on your hair follicles constantly. However, you can strengthen your hair and prevent breakage by using Kerotin hair products.

The Loose Messy Bun

While there are many hairstyles out there, oftentimes you feel like tying up all your strands in a loose messy bun. You may do that before going to sleep or to preserve a blowout. Well, styling your hair in a loose bun for a couple of hours is okay, but leaving it for the whole night isn’t a good option.

This is because tying your hair in a bun causes a lot of stress at your hairline, which can further lead to hair thinning. But if you still want to style them, make sure your messy bun is super loose. Also, don’t forget to wash your hair with Kerotin shampoo and condition them with keratin renewal conditioner.

In Conclusion

Although there are some other damaging hairstyles, we have shared the most common ones. So, the next time you’re styling your hair, keep these tips in mind to avoid any damage.