Five Easy Things You can do to Combat Hair Loss

Both men and women suffer from hair thinning or hair loss and there is no denying that it is frustrating.  Hair experts believe that there are several reasons ranging from using bad hair products to vitamin deficiency that contribute to hair thinning. Our current lifestyles have also made us prone to hair fall.

Sometimes you suffer from hair fall due to your underlying health conditions. No matter what is the reason for your hair fall, it increases your stress and lowers your self-confidence.   However, before the problem turns into an even bigger concern, it is essential that you consider some remedies or hair growth tips to combat hair loss.

Fortunately, there are a plethora of ways you can try to prevent excessive hair thinning.  We have enumerated five easy solutions that will help you combat hair loss and you will not have to resort to expensive hair treatments.

Ways to Combat Hair Loss

1.      Nutritious Diet

 You are what you eat.  If you agree with this statement, overcoming hair fall problem will become fairly easy for you.  Adapting to a healthy lifestyle will not miraculously reverse your hair fall but it will help you combat it.  In other words, it is crucial to understand the significance of a healthy diet if you want this to work for you.

If doughnuts, cakes or hamburgers are a major part of your diet, it is difficult to maintain healthy hair. Many recent studies have proven that nutrient deficiency is one of the common factors behind hair fall.  Not only does it weaken your strands, but it also makes them fragile and prone to breakage.  

Moreover, Denise Kernan, hair transplant technician at International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, states that nutritious eating will not bring your fallen hair back, but can protect you from losing more.  It highlights the importance of consuming food that contains healthy fats and proteins to combat hair fall.   For instance:

o   Dairy Products and Eggs

Dairy products and eggs are a great food source when it comes to improving hair growth. Foods like, yogurt, milk, and eggs have key nutrients such as iron, zinc, vitamin B12, proteins and omega fatty acids that fight hair thinning.

o   Walnuts

Adding some walnuts to your daily diet is the best way to enhance your protein intake.  Plus, walnuts are rich in B vitamins including B1, B9, and B12.  All of these are essential nutrients that fortify hair cuticles and prevent hair loss.

o   Lentils

Lentils are another good source to increase your intake of essential nutrients to combat hair loss.  They contain folic acid that enhances the blood supply to your scalp and provides oxygen to your hair follicles, making your hair stronger.

2.     Vitamin Supplements

It is good if you have switched to a healthier diet plan and have started eating protein-rich food. However, it is possible that you might not see quick results.  It is because the natural process takes some time to show the results.

 Meanwhile, you can start taking hair supplements. It is an easy way to balance the vitamin deficiency in your body.  They are some excellent products available on the market that contain essential nutrients like vitamin C and vitamin A.  Many hair experts recommend them to improve hair strength and for renewal and repair of tresses.

3.     Be Gentle with Your Hair

Once you know your hair is fragile, it is important that you treat them gently. By doing this, you can protect them from damage and can control hair fall.

  • Avoid using hot tools like curlers, straighteners or flat irons on your tresses. If you cannot avoid them, minimize their use.
  • Set hot tools on low temperature settings to prevent damage
  • Avoid combing wet hair to prevent breakage. Always use a wide-toothed comb and gently brush through your hair. Make sure not to pull or tug your hair while combing wet hair
  • Try to comb your hair instantly after applying hairspray or hair gel otherwise, your tresses will harden and can easily break
  • Avoid over-brushing as it may strip out natural oil from your scalp, making them weak and frizzy.

4.     Use Home-made Topical Treatment

This is a traditional way to combat hair loss. Through natural oil massaging you can promote hair growth and keep your tresses moisturized.  Following are some easy natural oil treatments

o   Essential Oil Massage

Massage is one of the tried and tested ways to improve blood circulation in the scalp. It enhances blood flow to the hair follicles.   Gently massaging your scalp with your hands for at least five to ten minutes can help you combat hair fall. You can use a mixture of coconut oil, thyme, jojoba oil, and lavender and sesame oil for the best results.

o   Egg Oil

Many researchers have scientifically proven the benefits of using egg oil for combating hair thinning. Not only does egg oil fight hair fall, but it also treats dandruff and hair graying.  Massage with egg oil and leave it overnight.  Wash your tresses with a sulfate-free shampoo.  You can use it 3- 4 times a week.

o   Hot Oil Treatment

This is another easy and effective treatment to promote hair growth.  It is better to use natural oils like olive oil and safflower oil for this treatment.   Heat up the oils to 40 degrees C, and massage with it gently. Leave it for 30 minutes and then wash your hair.

5.     Increase Intake of Antioxidants

According to hair experts, you need antioxidants as potent nutrients to strengthen hair and fight hair thinning.  You can improve your intake of antioxidants by drinking green tea.  It boosts hair growth and stimulates natural oil production in your scalp. You can also apply green tea on your tresses if you do not like its flavor.

Bottom Line

Overall, hair loss has become a common problem nowadays due to different reasons. The above-mentioned tips are some easy solutions you can try to promote your hair growth and fight hair fall.