7 Worst Things You Should Not Do To Take Care of Your Hair

There is no denying that every girl wants voluminous and shiny tresses. We try a plethora of hair products, hair appliances, shampoos, and masks to achieve hale and hearty hair goals.

In the quest to achieve healthy hair, we become accustomed to many habits that adversely impact our hair health. Many of us are not even aware of how much damage we are doing to our hair by engaging in these activities.    

However, the good news is that you can reverse hair damage. By avoiding some common practices you think enhance your tresses, you can improve your hair health.

From brushing to styling hair, we have enumerated seven most common mistakes that are part of our hair care regimen.

Worst Hair Habits to Avoid

1.     Excessive Brushing

This may sound strange to you but it is one of the oldest myths that you need to debunk. Brushing your hair excessively is the major reason for hair breakage.  Not only does it weaken your hair follicles, but also strips various nourishing oils from your hair.

 According to the American Hair Loss Association, excessive brushing flakes away from the hair cuticle and can lead to severe hair loss problems. Running a brush through your hair aggressively puts physical stress on your hair fibers.

 This best thing you can do to avoid this is limiting the number of times you brush your hair. Try to brush your hair only two times in a day.  Brushing your hair gently when you wake up is another good idea to help your hair distribute the natural oil from roots to shafts. The effect is the same when you brush your hair before going to sleep.

2.     Washing Hair Everyday

According to Amy Abramite, creative stylist at Maxine Salon, you should wash your hair as much as it needs.  It depends on your daily routine and the environment you live in.   However, if you wash your hair just because you feel it is a part of good hair care regimen, you are wrong.

Over-washing is bad for your hair health. Not only does it expose your hair to chemicals like sulfates, but also strips away the protective oils from your hair.   The nourishing oils are essential to keep your tresses shiny and healthy.  Hair Expert Hills states that over-washing is harmful to people who have dyed hair. It dulls the color vibrancy and makes hair lusterless.

However, if your scalp is super oily and you need to wash hair regularly, it is better to choose a hydrating shampoo.   It may sound counter intuitive but it is possible that your scalp is producing excessive oil due to dehydration. It may be your body’s attempt to fix this problem naturally.

3.     Using a Used Brush

 When it is about hygiene, one should never compromise. The same rule applies to your hairbrush that contains many germs.  Like any other bacteria and virus, these germs can damage your hair. Dermatologists consider using an unclean hairbrush as one of the major causes of scalp infections.

 The reason is dirt, flakes, and germs that attach to hairbrush when you use it.  When someone else uses your brush, all the dirt transfers to their hair and increases the risks of infections. Hence, it is important that you avoid using pre-used hairbrushes to maintain good hair health.

4.     Combing Wet Hair

Wet hair is prone to breakage.  It is fragile, soft and can easily break when you try to detangle it. Hair experts, Wasser suggests that it is better to detangle the knots of your hair before you wash it. Moreover, when you apply conditioner, brush your tresses with a wide-toothed comb to gently detangle the knots. Once you wash your hair, comb your hair from the tips, gently going up to the shaft to minimize damage.

5.     Using Hot Tools on Hair

 It is hard to avoid hot tools when it comes to styling your hair.   However, determining the right heat setting that suits your hair type is crucial.  If your hair is thin and you use curling iron on the maximum setting, you will end up ruining your hair.  

 Thanks to the adjustable settings of hair tools that can save you from damaging your hair.  Hair experts never use curlers and straighteners on their hottest setting.  Instead, they start at 200 degrees and gradually increase the heat. Many of them believe that if you achieve the desired results at 200 degrees, stay there.  Turning up the temperature for no reason will only damage your hair.

6.     Skipping Hair Protector

This is one of the common things we consider trivial when it comes to protecting hair.  You will not see a single hairstylist denying the importance of using hair protector. It is a must-to-use thing before exposing hair to any hot tools.  Hair Stylist Wasser compares hair protector to a mitt that helps you keep your hands safe while pulling out a hot dish from the oven.

Applying heat protector on tresses protects it from adverse effects of heat. In addition to providing protection, it locks in the shine and smoothes the frizz in your hair. It further helps your hair seal in the moisture.

7.     Avoiding Haircuts

 You need to cut your hair even if you want to grow them. It may sound bizarre but it plays an important role in accomplishing healthy hair goals.  There is no hard and fast rule that requires you to cut your hair every four or six months. This is because it varies from one person to another. You may need to trim your hair every two months. For others, it may be longer or shorter.

No matter what hair products you apply to grow your hair, you cannot avoid split ends.  The split ends will continue damaging your hair if you delay your haircut.  In case you do not take action, you will end up losing more length than you would have thought.

Bottom Line

Overall, these are simple things that you can avoid to let your hair breathe and retain their natural glow and shine.