Does Your Hair Type Determine Your Hair Care Routine?

There is no doubt that beautiful hair enhances your personality and brings a mesmerizing flair into your appearance. From straight and smooth to curly and voluminous, every woman has a different type of hair, which is beautiful in its way.  No matter your hair texture, tresses are delicate and are more prone to damage, especially after prolonged exposure to sunlight or pollution.

Besides that, many hair styling and coiffing practices can wreak havoc to your hair. So, whether you have strong, shiny locks, or frizzy, brittle tresses, following a good care regimen for your hair is of utmost care to maintain the captivating beauty into your hair. Now you would be wondering if your hair type matters and determine your hair care routine. Well, if that’s the case, we have got you covered!

That said, learn more about different types and textures of hair and explore effective tips, the best products, and amazing styling techniques for each of them.

Determine Your Hair Type

When it comes to hair types, people usually differentiate them into two- straight or curly. However, you will be surprised to know that there are actually more subcategories with each carries different aesthetics and looks. 

1.     Straight Hair

Silky, robust, and resilient, a woman often covets for straight hair. In addition to giving you a sleek look, straight hair is easy to care. So, if you have such hair type, then your tresses tend to become shiny yet greasy because the oil and sebum from your scalp travel down your hair shaft more quickly.

Not to mention, straight tresses are easy to grow, and the hydration they get from natural oils make your strands less susceptible to breakage and split ends. However, straight hairs lack volume, and hence you may need to struggle a lot to add volume. Well, straight locks divide further into the following categories:

  • Type 1A

Boasting very straight and smooth aesthetics, such type of hair are common in Asian women.

  • Type 1B

Such type of hair features more volume with having a medium and thicker texture.

  • Type 1C

Shiny, coarse, and thick, type 1C straight hair often tends to curl underside.

Caring Tips for Your Straight Locks

When it comes to caring for your straight tresses, there are several factors that you should consider. It includes the styling techniques, care routine, and above all, the products or remedies you use.

While many women with straight hair find it easy to grow out their tresses, the only problem with such type of hair is that they become oily or greasy very quickly. For this reason, you may need to wash your tresses more often and use appropriate shampoo to clean them.

·         Use a Mild Shampoo

Believe it or not, proper shampooing is very important to maintain happy, healthy straight tresses. Therefore, make sure to wash your strands with a mild shampoo that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals, such as sodium laureth sulfate (SLS).

This ingredient strips off all the moisture and natural oils from your hair, leaving them dry and brittle. Unlike what you probably have heard, wash your hair thrice a week to keep them cleaned and maintained, free from sebum and excessive oil.

·         Pick the Right Conditioner

Well, if your straight hair has developed dandruff and dry scalp, it signifies that you need to provide your tresses with enough moisture to keep them healthy. Don’t forget that scalp dryness causes cumulative damage and results in hair thinning or premature baldness. 

Therefore, add a moisturizing conditioner into your hair care routine. Apply an adequate amount of conditioner on your strands after every wash. It will help protect your tresses from becoming dry, and provide enough moisture to your locks.

Even if your tresses are not oily, makes sure to condition your hair with the right product. Well, you can choose Kerotin’s hair renewal conditioner, as this natural hair product is for all types of hair.

·         Avoid Brushing Wet Tresses

Especially for straight locks, most hair stylists recommend avoiding brushing wet hair. As we mentioned earlier, strands are already in their weak state when wet. Therefore, combing them can snap out your brittle strands. Instead, use a wide-tooth wooden comb or your fingers to detangle your tangled tresses.

·         Styling

Since straight hair has less volume, you can blow-dry your tresses by flipping the dryer upside down and using a roller brush to give your hair more volume. After drying your hair, spritz Kerotin’s big surf spray on your strands.

2.     Naturally Wavy Hair

Thicker than straight hair, naturally wavy tresses have loose curls. If you have such hair type, you will agree that naturally wavy strands are often rougher. More prone to dullness, frizz, and moisture, they need special care to stay lustrous, smooth and moisturized.

Type 2A

Such type of naturally wavy hair is thin and fine. Moreover, they’re easy to style.

Type 2B

Medium thick and wavier than the above one, type 2B wavy hair is frizzier and hence require more care.  

Type 2C

Coarse, thick, and wavy, this hair type is more susceptible to frizz and is often difficult to style.

Caring Tips for Your Wavy Tresses

It’s no secret that wavy hair is more prone to frizz. Therefore, the key to keep your wavy locks healthy is to keep them frizz-free. That said, your primary concern should be adding volume and moisture without losing the natural waves.

·         Pre-Shampoo Treatment

Depending on your preference, you can give your hair a gentle massage with oil or apply a hair mask as pre-shampooing treatment. Keep in mind that such practice not only softens your tresses but also helps detangle your tresses before shampooing. Moreover, it prevents excessive damage and roughness that cause by shampoo.

If you’re looking for hair oil that does wonders, then Kerotin’s enriching argan oil is a perfect option. From preventing your strands from tangling to bringing captivating shine into your hair, this oil helps rejuvenates and maintains your hair health.

·         Skip Daily Shampoos

If you have wavy hair, make sure to shampoo them less frequently. Remember that shampooing frequently will stress and stretch out brittle tresses, making your hair lifeless. Use a low-lather or mild shampoo, especially the ones made with natural ingredients and sulfate-free, like Kerotin’s hair renewal shampoo. Using it will help refresh your scalp and strands without sapping off the natural moisture present at your scalp.

·         Don’t Wash with Hot Water

Washing your hair with hot water will lose your hair follicles. As a result, it’s highly likely that your fragile hair snaps out. Therefore, always wash your delicate strands with cold water; it will lock the moisture in your cuticles, preventing your strands from falling off. Besides it, it will make your hair frizz-free and bring attractive shine into your tresses.

·         Use Deep Hair Conditioner

After every time you shampoo your tresses, don’t forget to apply a deep conditioner. Make sure to opt for a formula that contains humectants like glycerin, glycol, or other moisturizing ingredients. Well, you can find all these properties into Kerotin’s hair renewal conditioner. From making your hair smooth and shinier, using Kerotin’s conditioner will strengthen your hair health, leaving them frizz-free.

·         Brush your Wavy Tresses Correctly

Since you have loose curls, wavy hair, keep in mind that they become easily tangle. Therefore, brush your hair with care and use snag-free combs. Don’t put too much force and don’t pull your delicate tresses to detangle them.

Be kind and don’t aggressively treat your strands. Make sure to use a very wide-tooth wooden comb and try to detangle your manes gently. Moreover, don’t comb your hair too often or it will wreak havoc on your wavy strands; it can cause breakage and create a frizzy mess.

·         Hairstyling: Lay off the Heat

Curling irons, flat irons, and blow dryers, all these styling tools can wreak havoc to your delicate hair and lead to breakage.  Instead of using heat-styling tools, go for air drying technique. For styling, you can set your tresses into rollers and allow them to set overnight. Moreover, apply a few drops of Kerotin’s enriching hair oil to control the frizz and lock in moisture.

3.     Curly Hair

With clearly defined curls, such type of hair is thick and has more volume as compared to other types. Although they tend to be coarse in texture, curly hair is more sensitive and susceptible to damage.

Type 3A

Thick texture and more gloss, this type of curly hair has more defined curls and become frizzy.

Type 3B

Having a combination of textures with tighter curls, this type of hair is difficult to style and manage.

Type 3C

With tighter kinky curls, this type of hair has is generally easy to style.

Caring Tips for Curly Hair

There is no doubt that nobody likes frizz; however, if you have curly hairs, you probably struggle a lot to tame your frizzy locks. Nevertheless, keep your tresses moisturized is the key to control frizz. Along with that, using the right shampoo and conditioner can also prevent your curly manes from becoming frizzy. Considering that, we are sharing some caring tips for your curly hair.  

·         Get Regular Trims

Even though your hair doesn’t grow as fast as straight locks, it’s important to trim down the dead ends of your hair regularly. If you talk about hair treatments, make sure not to expose your delicate tresses to harmful treatments.

·         Use the Right Hair Products

As mentioned before, it’s highly important to use the hair products that don’t contain harmful chemicals like sulfate. Keep in mind that the harsh ingredients not only cause massive damage to your tresses but also make them lifeless.

Therefore, make sure to choose the products that are made from natural ingredients and don’t contain any harmful chemicals, such as from Kerotin. When it comes to shampooing your curly locks, don’t wash them too frequently, as it will strip off all the natural oils from the scalp. As a result, your hair will become more brittle and dry.

·         Protect your Hair from Environmental Damage

Now, this is very important, especially when you have curly manes. It’s no secret that UV rays and pollution cause inevitable damage to your hair when exposed for longer. To protect your hair from sun damage, make sure to cover your curly tresses with a wide-brim hat or scarf.

·         Brush your Curls when Damp

Curly hair becomes easily tangled once they are dry. However, brushing your dry curls will create more frizz, making it more difficult to detangle with ease. Always brush your curly tresses with a wide-tooth comb in the shower, after applying the conditioner.

·         Exfoliate your Scalp

This might seem surprising to you but exfoliating your scalp helps to remove the dead skin. Moreover, it deeply cleanses your clogged pores, which hold your hair follicles. Such practice will improve blood circulation in your scalp, which eventually strengthen your hair follicles. As a result, your curly manes will become stronger and healthier.

Eat Right and Stay Hydrated

No matter your hair type and texture, eating the right food is very important to keep your hair healthy and strong. Therefore, make sure to add nutrient-rich food into your regular diet, especially the leafy greens. Keep in mind that eating unhealthy food not only adversely affect your overall health but also strip off the beauty of hair.

Besides it, make sure to replenish your body with plenty of water; it helps flush out the toxins and keep your overall health up to par. From strengthening your strands to nourishing your scalp, drinking water retains enough moisture and natural oils into your hair.

The Bottom Line

No doubt knowing your hair type and tailoring your hair care routine accordingly is the key to healthy and stunning hair. Well, the hair care tips we have shared are easy to follow and will help keep your tresses healthy and beautiful as long as you practice them.