Why Switch to Keratin Based Products

You have probably heard enough about keratin products, but are still unsure about them. Perhaps you already have great hair and don’t think you need to do anything more for your beautiful tresses and in fact you are wary of chemical treatments (and you should be), which do more harm in the long run.

 You are right as far as hydroxide compounds are concerned as they may contain sodium, lithium, potassium, or guanidine; however, these are also effective when applied in the right dosage preferably by an expert. Now let’s get back to keratin and why it can be beneficial for you.

Your hair’s main constituent is a fibrous protein called keratin, which is found in the outer layer of your skin; the epidermis and it also forms the cells in your nails. Keratin keeps the cells together and creates a barrier on the outside of the skin. In other words, it protects your hair from damage, which is caused when you rub, pull, or comb your hair.

Just because your hair look healthy now doesn’t mean you should neglect them or use ordinary products which are inexpensive, but cause damage to your hair gradually. Now, you might wonder that if your hair already contains keratin, then why bother adding it further to your beauty regimen.

The answer is simple; we lose this precious natural component slowly and sometimes quickly (due to our own rash beauty treatments) and the only way to replenish its supply is through a balanced diet that is rich in protein and biotin, especially since doctors believe this helps in the development of keratin.

After you have taken care of the inner balance, it’s time to pay attention to the outer side; keratin shampoos and conditioners are an investment for everyone. Why? Keratin-based products help combat several adverse factors that most of us just can’t get away from. Those of you who are fortunate to have hair that make men’s heads turn with admiration and women’s with envy can also use keratin to ensure their beauty doesn’t fade due to the several factors we have mentioned below:


You have read countless times and seen an unlimited number of videos why stress is extremely bad for your skin and hair, and tried quite unsuccessfully to eliminate it from your life. Well, you already know you can’t eliminate it, what you can do is be aware of it, and note down what triggers it and try to work your way around them.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a working woman or a home-maker or harder still a single parent, you will have deadlines to meet, spouses and toddlers to look after or help your kid with their science project after a hellish day at the office.

All this anxiety and stress takes a toll on your health, especially your hair. Remember that keratin products can’t relieve you of this stress; however, they can control the damage to your hair that stress causes.

For your overall health and to alleviate stress, take out three minutes every day for yourself and meditate and calm your nerves. Only you can do that for yourself.


Like it or not, this thinning of hair is part of life just like aging, but it can be slowed down considerably if you take good care of yourself inside and out. Dr. Richard Scher, a dermatologist, emphasizes that a biotin supplement can improve the keratin foundation in your skin; as a result, you can have better hair and possibly reduce hair loss.

 Nobody is immune to aging and given our fast-paced lifestyles, we tend to age faster than usual and therefore, it’s a good idea to include such supplements in our diet at a younger age so we can enjoy thick, smooth hair without worrying about losing our hair at a later age. You can never be over prepared where health and beauty is concerned.

UVB and UVA radiation

Global warming and the harmful UV rays that everyone is talking about these days have detrimental effects on your hair. When your hair is exposed to UVB and UVA radiation, the photosensitive amino acids in the hair go through photochemical degradation. This results in free radicals which cause adverse hair protein loss, especially loss of keratin.

Now, neither can I nor you fight this major issue ourselves, but we can cut down on our exposure to these harmful rays to an extent. According to the American Cancer Society, avoid going in the sun from 10 am to 4 am as the UV rays are the strongest during this period. Since head wraps are the in thing this season, you can cut back on excessive sun exposure with these stylish pieces.

If they are not your thing or you work in the corporate sector where this will seem inappropriate, then massage your hair thoroughly yet gently with a good oil and then use deep conditioning masks twice a week to keep your hair strong and lustrous.

If you just don’t have the time to go through the whole massaging and masking routine, then you can opt for a daily conditioner with keratin, which aids to seal the moisture and reduce frizz caused by the sun, making your hair naturally glossy.

Hair Coloring

No matter, how much we try to be au natural, there are times when we just can’t resist the latest fashion trends and get inspired by celebrities, their hair cuts and colors. Of course, some of us just do it because we like to color our hair and get a particular hue or we want to hide those pesky grays. Whatever the reason, coloring and high-lighting is just a part of our life.

 It looks great, boosts your self-confidence and is worth the side-effects. Yes, everything has a price, you might be already aware that coloring your hair can make them dry and brittle overtime, resulting in severe hair loss.

Then how does Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner or any other top celeb get away with multitudes of hair dyes? They invest in keratin oils, shampoos and conditioners. Keratin Renewal Shampoo contains Polyquarternium-59 that acts as a UV absorber and protects hair and prevents color fading.


Admit it; you just love your hair more when it’s blow-dried and do it more often than not and that means you are prone to damage hair, split-ends and what not. You have to look your best at that next meeting and you grab your hair dryer telling yourself that it’s essential at the moment. This list goes on and on with many instances when you break your own rules of limiting blow-drying.

The reason you do such things is to make your hair more manageable and presentable. The heat from your blow –drier not only causes the surface moisture to evaporate, but it also removes the water that’s bound to the hair, leaving your hair dehydrated.

Indulge in your love of blow-drying sparsely and rejuvenate your hair with keratin conditioners to undo the damage that is inflicted on your precious locks because of blow-drying.

Symphytum Officinale (Comfrey) Extract is an active ingredient in Kerotin Keratin Renewal Conditioner that nourishes the scalp, prevents dryness, increases hair thickness and binds in moisture.


Experimenting with different highlights

Okay, you can keep your highlights if you don’t like to follow trends blindly but keep in mind, you do have highlights; these can be soft highlights, baby lights, balayage, ombre, two-tone highlights, foil or meche highlights.

You can carry on experimenting with low-lights or high-lights depending on your personal choice, fashion, and your favorite Instagram icons and most importantly your hair cut.

You can indulge in these womanly passions and pursuits given that you provide the nurturing your hair needs before and after these treatments. Again, just like coloring, highlights make your hair dry and lose their natural luster if you don’t provide the right nourishment to your hair.

 You can go for a keratin treatment at a salon which will be expensive or you can go for an alternative by using keratin masks at home. Keratin Renewal Masque is designed to supply the nourishment chemically-treated hair needs and will enhance your hair color by making your hair supple and sleek.




Okay, most beauty experts believe that this does more harm to your hair than coloring or highlighting. Well, so be it, for those who love fashion and don’t want to be confined, there is always a way. When you have bleached hair, you want to do the same as you have done with high-lighting, provide nourishment with keratin masks and ensure that you shampoo your hair weekly.

 If your hair is turning limp due to humidity, then rinse it with water and condition it with a keratin conditioner as water alone will make your hair dry, which leads to breakage.

Straightening or Perming



Oh yes, you straightened your hair when you were going out on a date-night. Once a week is okay, you often tell yourself. Naturally, if you are okay with frizzled, lackluster, damaged hair after a while then definitely it’s not a big deal. Oh, and about those gorgeous permed locks you got three months ago and the damage they caused your hair, you are bound to say, if you are lucky that your hair is perfect even after going through these damaging processes.

The drying effect of both these methods is sometimes not visible, but that’s all the more to be concerned about. It might seem great at the tips; however, the scalp is outstripped of its natural oils, which will eventually cause problems.

Whether you use tools for a quick straightened sleek look or go through a chemically-infused straightening or perming process, you have to put in the hard work and apply oils that contain keratin if you want strong, shiny hair after subjecting your hair to such harsh treatments.

You are wondering why keratin oil, and why not an ordinary one? Kerotin Enriching Argan Oil is one of your best options because it is formulated to restore your natural hair oil balance and make your new look even more enticing. What’s more, if you are susceptible to acne and are sensitive to emollients then again, this is your best bet as the formula is safe for all types of skin.

Pollutants and Outdoor Activities

 You can minimize your hair dying and perhaps your sun exposure too for superbly fabulous hair, but one thing still gets you, all of us, unless you are living far away from civilization. Aside from dust, we have other pollutants, such as nickel, lead, arsenic, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, ammonia and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the air that cling to your hair and cause gradual damage.

Now, you can’t avoid these pollutants so the best viable option is to include oiling and conditioning in your weekly hair care regimen. Kerotin’s Keratin renewal shampoo has special peptides that allow the damaged hair cells to heal and repair, giving you a rejuvenated feeling just after first use.

Another scenario is that that you don’t need this extra care with keratin, maybe you are in an area where there is less smoke and your hair is not prone to damage. Also, if you don’t indulge in other before-mentioned activities (that I find hard to digest) then you are right; you don’t need this special care. However, if you love the outdoors and expose yourself to nature, then your hair deserve a little extra care.

Bottom Line

All of you love to change your hair color and style from time to time, and why shouldn’t you do just that. You can experiment with a plethora of styling techniques to enhance your looks as long as you ensure that you are looking after your hair before and after these treatments with keratin products.

The more you treat your hair by any of the above-mentioned methods, the more care you will have to provide by regularly applying oils and masks. Avoid over shampooing as that can negate the good effects of your keratin treatments. Always condition your hair properly, applying it only on the tips for a lustrous and healthy look.