Why is collagen essential to hair and scalp care?

Collagen makes up 30% of our body's protein and is rich in three nonessential amino acids that provide strength and structure to our body. These amino acids are glycine, proline (responsible for producing Keratin), and hydroxyproline. Collagen is essential to scalp and hair health.

See the reasons why:

Collagen Benefits

  • Scalp Health: Boosts skin elasticity on the scalp, improves follicle health, and increases hair thickness.
  • Strand Resistance: By combining collagen and keratin, the hair doesn’t break or fall out, giving a youthful and healthy appearance to hair.
  • Heat Protection: Collagen protein also helps create a protective layer around the hair fiber, protecting hair from heat.
  • Hair Elasticity: This allows hair to have a light, loose, natural movement, giving the hair a healthy look.
  • Combats Damage: When restoring strand elasticity, the hair retains moisture and hydration, keeping the nutrients in. 
  • Hair Loss Prevention: Collagen may be one solution for hair loss. It doesn’t stimulate growth directly but prevents loss by making hair healthier, stronger, and more hydrated. 
  • More volume: Hair can gain volume when collagen shields the hair against free radicals. 
  • Anti-aging effects: Collagen is responsible for holding the cells together, preventing wrinkles, expression lines, sagging, and other marks on the skin.

Why do collagen levels decrease over time?

A study showed that collagen levels deplete by 1.5% yearly for women in their mid-twenties and up to 30% in the first five years of menopause. Due to environmental factors, UV exposure, stress, and lifestyle habits, as we age, we damage DNA, lipids, and proteins responsible for cell function in our body. This can lead to a loss in elasticity and vibrancy of skin and hair, causing poor follicle function and anchorage from the scalp, providing a poor foundation for hair growth. Resulting in increased hair loss, breakage, and decreased shine.

How to maintain collagen levels?

Not to worry, there are many ways to stop those problems from happening. Start by pairing collagen-rich foods (such as citrus fruits, berries, beans, cashews, and avocados) with collagen-infused hair care products such as our Collagen Line, which replenishes collagen from the outside, increases hair elasticity, and reverses damage. Another solution is to take collagen supplements such as our Hair Beauty Collagen which provide the key amino acids your body needs to build collagen properly. 

Where to Find Collagen in Our Products

Collagen Line - Nourish from the outside

Our formula is powered by Hydrolyzed Collagen, combined with vitamin-rich and reconstructing ingredients that increase collagen benefits. The Collagen Wash Line prevents hair breakage, repairs, rejuvenates hair, and eliminates frizz by delivering collagen directly onto the hair and scalp.

Hair Beauty Collagen Powder - Nourish from the inside 

Our Hair Beauty Collagen is a supplement that stimulates the body to produce more collagen and replenishes collagen levels inwardly. It supports healthy hair growth by improving hair and scalp skin elasticity and targeting damage with antioxidants.  



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