Make Up Remover Microfiber Pads

$ 16

Comes with 3 white re-usable, washable makeup removal pads for makeup removal, toning, and cleansing applications. Simply add water and glide across the face for makeup removal. Includes a mesh bag for machine washing.
- Chemical-free material: made of ultra-fine and soft microfibers, suitable for all skin types.
- Eco-friendly: reusable, durable and double-sided. Replaces disposable makeup wipes, cotton balls, and cotton towels.
- Deep Clean: microfiber is made up of bristles that when glided on skin reaches deep into pores for deeply cleaning pores
- Promotes Healthy Skin: bristles enter pores, deep cleaning and preventing pore buildup that can lead to acne
- Lint Free: microfiber does not leave lint behind on the skin and in pores
- Fast Drying: fast drying fibers, with no mess and drips. Fabric loop to allow air dry
- Multi-Function: can be used for the application of toners and cleansers. As well as the removal of sunscreen, glitter, face masks, eye makeup, foundation make-up, and lipstick
- Durable: thicker than cotton pads, reinforced bias tape edging to prevent fraying.
- Compact Size: perfect for travel and to keep in a purse
The perfect gift for the makeup enthusiasts and the wanderlust.

Step 1: Moisten with warm water
Step 2: Gently glide pad across the face to remove makeup
Step 3: After use apply gentle hand soap and water to clean
Step 4: Squeeze out water and let air dry
Step 5: Deep clean with mesh bag every 14 days

Note: for heavy makeup removal wash between removal process and proceed with removal.

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