Why is scalp care important?

Your scalp has its own microbiome that needs to be kept in balance to foster the ideal environment for hair growth.

Poor scalp conditions can disrupt the scalp’s ecosystem, leading to premature hair loss, breakage, thinning, lack of shine, dandruff and an overall decrease in hair health

Discover our top picks for a healthy scalp!

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Keratin Freshening Line

Keratin Freshening Line

158 reviews
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- Free of parabens and sulfates which strip natural moisture

- Fatty ingredients such as avocado and coconut oil deeply hydrate

- Sea Kelp’s antioxidant properties prevent product buildup and blocked follicles

- Rosemary oil improves scalp microcirculation

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Intensive Hair Growth Drops - 3 Month

scalp benefits

- Peppermint oil improves microcirculation and prevents scalp inflammation

- Green tea and Vitamin E detoxifies and purifies

- Blend of essential oils conditions and soothes the scalp 

- Free of minoxidil which can cause scalp irritation and allergies

pave way for growth

Scalp Exfoliating Duo

Scalp Exfoliating Duo

49 reviews
$ 31 $ 41

scalp benefits

- Provides a light physical and chemical exfoliation

- Removes impurities, product buildup and dead skin cells- paving way for growth 

- Rich in Silica, Pink Clay improves skin elasticity and cell renewal

- Fatty oils nourish and maintain hydration  

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