NATURALLY FULL, WAVY HAIR: Kerotin Surf Spray gives extra volume and texture to straight, fine hair. It gives hair a natural 'beachy' look: natural waves and volume thanks to the power of sea salt and kelp extract.
THE POWER OF KELP: Kerotin Surf Spray contains Kelp Extract, a natural extract from algae that contains 46 minerals, 16 amino acids, and 11 vitamins. The Kelp extract hydrates and nourishes hair, supplementing any vitamin and mineral requirements.
SAFE AND RELIABLE: Manufactured in the US and cruelty free. Our products are never tested in animals. Kerotin Surf Spray is free of parabens and alcohol.
FOR TOUCH UPS: Apply the spray to damp or dried hair daily for touch ups. Scrunch up your hair for a wavy, beachy look.
FOR VOLUME AT THE ROOTS: Split your damp or dried hair in sections and apply the product at the roots. Scrunch up your hair for extra root volume.
FOR MAXIMUM VOLUME: Split your damp hair in sections, apply the product and blow dry using a diffuser. The diffuser will maximize the action of the product and lead to maximum volume.