Kerotin Hair Growth Gummies
Don’t know what’s the best choice for your needs? The solution depends on your hair goals and struggles.
Kerotin has helped thousands of women grow fuller, stronger hair with the Kerotin Hair Growth Formula capsules. Now we have created our Hair Vitamin Gummies to cater to specific needs and goals.
The Kerotin Hair Formula Capsule is certainly the most powerful option we have available. It's packed with a basic blend of vitamins that promote hair health and a powerful proprietary blend of special natural extracts that block the DHT hormone that is associated with hair loss, ultimately boosting hair growth to its maximum potential. This powerful formula is only available in capsule format.
But don't worry, if you don't like capsules or swallowing pills, the gummies were invented for you! Obviously, there's only so much that can be packed into a gummy, so the formula is simpler but still very effective. It's a great way to start if you are not ready to commit to the capsules or if it's just not your thing.
Comparison Kerotin Capsule vs Gummy
A few things to know before you make up your mind: the capsules are sugar-free, and vegan, but they contain Iron (which can be a restriction for some people). The gummies, however, are vegetarian and iron-free but they contain a small amount of sugar.
Finally, due to the additional components in the capsules we are able to cut down on its Biotin content while maintaining maximum efficacy, which is ideal for people with acne-prone skin. The gummies rely more heavily on Biotin, however they also contain a long list of other effective hair-boosting vitamins.
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