The Best Hairstyles that You Can Pull Off Under a Winter Hat

As the snow starts to pile up, your inner voice (and your mom) is telling you that it’s time to pull out the winter hat and mittens. Winter hats may be cute, but they tend to add to the static, and aren’t the best way to show off your locks. However, they do keep you warm, so when the temperature drops to 7 degrees, don’t try to argue with ifs or buts and put on your hat before going outside.

At the same time, we aren’t asking you to look anything less than fabulous, especially when it comes to your hair. We’ve got some amazing ideas for hairstyles that’ll look great with your winter hat. It’s true that you can’t wear your gorgeous messy bun or an intricately braided chignon, but we’ve got some styles all figured out because they leave the crown of your head free for a hat, and they’re scarf-friendly too.

The Idea Behind Winter Hat-Friendly Hairstyles

The main idea behind hairstyles that are suitable for wearing with winter hats is that you need to avoid styling at your crown because that’s the main place your hat will affect. The focus points of your hairstyle should be loose hair that flows down your shoulders, instead of pinning it up. You should also try making it more dramatic with accessories or a new hair color that won’t fade in the cold.

Our Favorite Winter Hat-Friendly Hairstyles

We looked throughout the web to find some of the best hairstyles that you can quickly wear to match your winter hat. This way, you won’t be in a frenzy while getting ready, and your hair will still manage to look effortlessly flawless. Let’s dive in.


Ah, the quaint and homely look of braided hair, it feels almost nostalgic to twist and tease your hair, securing it with a hair tie. Thankfully, we won’t be showing you how to make the same braids your mom made for you; we’ve got something much more stylish planned.

Side Fishtail Braid

It can be hard to spice things up when your hat is covering up most of your head, but tying a fish braid that falls towards the side is a good way to start. You can get creative by using ribbons or colored yarn in between, which can make your hair stand out; the little pop of color will make your hair look like a cute friendship bracelet. If you have extra time, add some beads in between to give your braid a little holiday cheer.

Double French Braids

The iconic style isn’t limited to intense workout routines and running sessions, they look great under your hat too. Letting two braids peek out from your hat will give a cutesy look, but you can bet that as soon as you pull off your hat, your double French braids will bring some serious summer vibes.

Messed Up Fish Tail Braids

Winter is when you naturally get that messy bedhead look because of all the static, so why not use it to your advantage by trying out a messy fishtail braid. First, part your hair into two separate sections and use an oil comb with wide-spaced teeth to back-comb your strands, this helps to increase volume and make the texture somewhat messier.

Start braiding at the point where your hair reaches the cheeks, but be careful not to smooth out your hair too much. After tying, loosen the knots in your braid for a wider and messier look, and top it off with some Kerotin Shapeshifter hairspray so it stays put.

Wide Knot Braid

We get it; on some days, you’d prefer if your hair is away from your face and hanging down your back where it belongs. To keep your hair managed throughout the day, tie a braid and let it fall loosely down your back.

Make sure to start by back-combing your hair and dividing it into three parts. Loosely braid your hair and widen the knots as you go. Secure with a small elastic and add an accessory or clip to the end so that it looks more graceful.

Pigtail Twist Braid

If you’re not good at twisting a fishtail braid but still want that chunky look, the pigtail twists are the way to go. Divide your hair into two parts and use some moisturizing Kerotin Surf Spray to keep static at bay.

Then, use clear hair elastics to secure your hair near your chin, you don’t want to start too high up. Tie off a section, and fold it into itself before tying off another section. The, you can widen the knots so that it doesn’t look too refined.


Twists are definitely an all-rounder hairstyle that you can rock in any season, but more so in winter. What’s better than a messy twist peeking out from under your hat?

Triple Twists and a Ponytail

This ponytail is an upgrade from the usual because it has a pretty detail that looks great with winter hats. Start by dividing your hair into three vertical sections and placing the right and left sections over your shoulder.

Start by teasing the middle section from where it meets your neck, at the roots, and securing it in place at the nape of your neck, with a bobby pin. Repeat the same for the part on the right, but make sure to secure it near the middle part with plenty of pins. Loosen up the strands for a better texture and tease the right part over the first two parts, securing it near the left twist.

Ponytail with Knots

Start off with your regular ponytail and divide it into two sections. Then, tie them into a knot, and use the remaining two sections to tie another knot. After that, secure it in place with another hair tie, and you’re all set to go.

Twisted Crown All the Way

Who said that twists were all about ponytails? This quick and simple twist and tuck are here to save your winter looks, and all you need is a thin elastic headband; so let’s get twisting. Start by wearing a headband (these are popularly used for tucking hairstyles), and move it back so it’s just behind your hairline.

Start by taking out a thin section from the front, twisting it, and tucking it through the headband. Repeat this until you reach the back of your neck. Then, start with the other side of your head. In the end, you’ll be left with a single section at the back of your head. Twist it and loop it through the headband a few times until the ends are fully secured. Keep it in place with a few pins and some hairspray.  


We’re not the biggest fans of wearing buns with your winter hat, but we can’t deny that there’s something undeniably winter-y about them. That’s why, we looked around for some easy bun styles that your hat won’t mess up, and you’ll look amazing once you finally take it off.

Triple Twists Bun

This hairstyle is super easy to wear and you can work with it all day long because it keeps the hair away from your face so you aren’t distracted by how good you look. It’s best to work with unwashed hair. Divide your hair into three parts first and add some hairspray so it has a little more hold. After the hairspray sets, comb through it with your fingers and start with the right section.

Twist it towards your face, wrap it around like a cinnamon bun, and secure it with bobby pins. Use your finger to twist the middle section in a clockwise direction, then wrap it around and tie it. Repeat the same for the left section by twisting it in a clockwise direction. Once you’ve used bobby pins to keep them in place, use a little more hairspray so that it doesn’t unravel as the day goes on.

A Braided Low Bun

You’ve probably heard of tying your hair in a braid and wrapping it around in a bun, but those usually don’t give as tight of a look as this braided low bun. It’ll barely take you five minutes and you’ll be out the door in no time. Start by braiding your hair down your back and adding a little hairspray.

Then, hold the ends of one of the three sections in your hand, and push up the braid just below your neck with your other hand. This will leave you with a section of hair hanging down your back; we’ll fix that, but start by securing your bun in place with bobby pins. Then, take your remaining hair and wrap it around the base of your twisted bun, and hold it in place with more pins. Add a little hairspray, and you’re all done.

The Braided Backwards Crown

We must admit that braids are a bit easier than twists because they’re easier to hold in place. Fortunately, this braided backward crown is a quick and easy hairstyle that lets you wear your hat without worries.

Part your hair into two sections from the back and start braiding loose knots into your hair. Take the braid on the right and carefully pin it by taking it all the way at the back of your head, and finally securing it on the left side of your head. Repeat the same for the braid on the left, and secure it on the right side of your head.

Leaving it Loose

Sometimes, the best way that you can show off your gorgeous hair with a winter hat is to not style it at all. You heard that right; leaving your hair open this winter is a bit of a fashion statement, and it looks super cute with a scarf.

Smooth Waves

Leaving your hair in smooth waves under your fluffy winter hat is a great way to show off your new winter hair color, without putting in too much effort into getting ready. You can start off with clean washed hair, and wrapping them around rollers when they’re only slightly damp.

Then, secure your waves in place with hair pins, and leave it overnight. In the morning, let your hair open and smooth out your waves with your fingers. Add some hairspray so that your waves don’t fall flat and there you have it, perfect smooth waves.

Crimped Hair

Mermaid-y crimped hair looks great under a winter hat, mostly because the texture is so wintery and fun that it looks almost natural. You should start with clean hair that’s freshly washed, and start braiding it into small sections. This may take a little time, but that’s why we’re asking you to do it the night before.

Sleep with your braids and make sure to use a silk pillowcase. In the morning, unravel each braid one by one, and loosen them up to get fine, crimped hair. Loosen it up with your fingers, but be careful to not smoothen them out in the process.

Silky Sleek

If you have fairly straight hair, you’ll be happy to know that straight and silky hair, along with a winter hat, is a great combination. You can comb it out with the Kerotin Silk Serum to weigh it down and prevent static while achieving that sleek hair look.

Carry the Kerotin Hair Mist with you to condition your hair on the go, which protects it from drying out, and helps it stay shiny all day long. For a more rebellious look, make a trip to the hair salon and get some highlights in bold colors, which look great with winter hats, especially beanies.

Pro Tips

Before you go, we’d like to give you a pro tip that’ll keep your hair healthy all winter long. Sew a silk lining into your winter hats so that you can stay warm, and prevent dangerous split ends at the same time. This way, you’ll definitely steal the show with an amazing hairdo, without doing any damage.