Summer Scents: Our Guide to Popular Fragrances to Pair with Your Outfits This Summer

Many women regularly apply a spritz or two of their favorite perfume as part of their daily beauty routine. After all, you want to smell as great as you look every day, and a beautiful scent can create a positive image on those who you interact with throughout the day. While some will have a favorite scent that they always wear, others prefer variety and may enjoy updating their collection of perfumes each season. Now that summer is upon us, you may be wondering which new scents are worth taking a closer look at. These are some of the most popular options that you can consider pairing with your different looks this summer.

Aerin Rose de Grasse

If you love the smell of freshly cut roses, you will want to get your hands on Aerin Rose de Grasse. This is sweet, decadent perfume that contains blends of violet wood, rose centifolla, rose absolute, Bulgarian rose, musk and ambrox. It can instantly transport anyone who smells into a gorgeous rose garden, and it will certainly be a pleasant scent for you to wear on a daily basis.

Walk on Air by Kate Spade

The delicate blue hue of Walk on Air by Kate Spade is not the only thing that will catch your attention about this scent. It features magnolia, jasmine, linden blossom, lily of the valley, white iris, neroli and bergamot as key ingredients. When you wear it, you will notice that the scent is both lightly floral and subtly fresh and clean.

City Blossom by Issey Miyake

The triangular shape of the bottle for this perfume is hard to miss, but there is more to love about City Blossom than its unique packaging. This is a fun, romantic scent that features pink pepper, freesia, musk, lemon and magnolia. It may remind you vaguely of summer flowers in full bloom, and it is light enough to wear on a daily basis.

Anja Rubik Original

Many people struggle to find a scent that is energetic and invigorating. While other scents and body washes may fail in this area, the Anja Rubik Original does this type of scent right. It features white lily, green tea, amber and pink peppercorn, and the result is a scent that can only be described as subtly sexy while at the same time clean and even spicy.

Cartier La Panthere

This is a truly elegant and sophisticated scent that you may want to save for truly special occasions. It features fascinating blends of monoi, vanilla, chypre, tiare flower, musk and gardenia. Its effect is uniquely powdery while also being vivid and musky all at the same time.

While you may want to invest in a new sumer wardrobe, you also do not want to overlook the importance of choosing new scents for the season. These are among the most popular new options now available. You can sample them today to find the ones that appeal to you.