Setting Up a Hair Care Routine According to Your Condition

You need to opt for a hair-care routine regardless of the hair type. However, it should be based on the condition of your hair. If you have beautiful, natural long locks, you need to maintain their health via trimming, conditioner, and other treatments. In case of damaged hair, you are required to focus on weeding out the underlying cause before opting for extensive treatments.

Dermatologists often recommend products depending on the condition of your hair. That is why you need to look whether your hair is dry or if you have split-ends, etc. It is noteworthy here that each type and condition requires distinctive hair-care products and routine. If a product has worked well for straight hair, there is no proving that it will function to restore dry, curly hair.

Therefore, it is suggested to identify your hair problems first and then look for the products as per your needs. In this article, you will find how to build a hair-care regimen depending on the condition of your hair:

Go For a Trim

Your hair care should begin with a trim. Chopping off a few inches will not hurt; it will give your hair a fresh look instead. You need trimming after every two months in the case of dry or damaged hair to promote the growth of your pretty locks.

Moreover, whether you have curly, straight, coily, or wavy hair, do not forget to schedule an appointment with your hair stylist. Regular trimming will also help ward off split ends keeping the ends of your hair thick.

Schedule Showers

It may sound bizarre but there is no need to wash your hair daily. In case of oily or greasy hair, you should cleanse dirt and buildup after a gap of one day. Beauty experts shared that straight hair tends to get greasy more often than the other hair types. Therefore, to maintain straight hair, you should opt for an oil controlling shampoo and conditioner to prevent excess oil on your scalp and locks alike.

In case of dry curls, you need to shampoo only twice a week following a deep conditioning routine. It will help combat dryness effectively. You can also use argan oil to smooth flyaways and to give your natural curls a glossy shine. Moreover, wavy hair needs a shower at least 3 times a week because due to the excess oil on the scalp.

Deep Conditioner

You may have thought how often you should opt for the deep conditioner. Most beauty experts suggest that it depends on the dryness of your hair. If your hair is dry and locks are brittle, you need deep conditioner twice a week whereas healthy hair needs the nourishment once in a month.

Some beauty gurus emphasize that every hair type and condition require a conditioner as it strengthens your hair follicles and gives the natural shine to your tresses. You can opt for home remedies in this regard as well.

You can find various options like shea butter specifically for dry and damaged hair to rejuvenate it. Moreover, massaging the scalp with warm oil could also work as a deep conditioner that you should incorporate into your routine regarding the jaw-dropping outcome.

UV Protection

Like skin, your hair needs protection from ultraviolet (UV) rays as well. Always remember that the sun is not your friend. Therefore, do not forget to apply products to your locks that promise UV protection regardless of the type of your hair.

These rays have the potential to dismantle hair follicles that may contribute to hair fall. Also, overexposure to the sun without any protection could lead to early graying that no one appreciates. Therefore, incorporate products that possess certain qualities that can protect your precious tresses.

Protein Treatment for Chemically Treated Hair

If you love to try distinctive hair colors then you need to opt for the protein treatment every six months or depending on the condition of your hair. Excess coloring or bleaching could damage your strands making them dull and without shine due to the presence of the harsh chemicals in them.

You can overcome the problem via protein treatments; various beauty salons provide the treatment. It is one of the safest ways to protect your hair from the damages that chemicals can and will cause. Moreover, you can consider home-made protein treatments as well. It will bring back the glossy shine to your locks.

Protein treatments are also effective for women with curly hair. The protein will soften tight curls making them shiny and bouncy. Hence, your hair-care regimen will not be complete until you incorporate frequent doses of protein to it.  


Hairstyles that require teasing are not hair-friendly. They have a potential to cause breakage which is worrisome hair problem.

Also, if you use styling tools on a daily basis, you need to incorporate heat protector into your routine. It will prevent damages that excess heat causes. It is kind of a part of your hair-care routine too.

Beauty gurus recommend that you should not use heat tools regularly to style your hair you should opt for alternative accessories instead or put it in various braids. This way, your hair will be exposed to less heat or teasing resulting in healthy hair.

Hair Brushing Technique

Combing your hair does a lot more than you think. It promotes circulation that stimulates hair growth. However, you should be gentle with hair brushing and should not tear through your sensitive tresses. To achieve, overall healthy hair, you need to focus on the technique. Many beauty gurus suggest combing hair going upwards from the bottom slowly.

They also suggest brushing your hair twice a day to keep them strong and untangled. Moreover, do not brush your hair when wet; as wet hair is more prone to breakage. Therefore, always damp your hair with the towel lightly before brushing.

Bottom Line

Maintaining healthy hair requires a proper routine and consistency. Therefore, follow them and embrace the outcome.