Self-Love First

Putting yourself first is the highest form of self-love there is. As a brand, we stand for much more than the fight for healthier hair. We provide
all women the tools to better not only their confidence but their journey of self-love. We are a family, building a community of support and guidance throughout each journey.

Ask Yourself:
What would you do if you could make yourself a priority?
How would you better yourself?
What would it take to better yourself?

Identify, Believe and Conquer:
We believe that your hair journey can inspire healthy hair. A hair journey teaches you to identify an issue, to believe in a solution and to be resilient as you conquer your struggle. If you apply this to your life it may just change your world!

We Want To Change The World
The Kerotin team recently traveled to India and identified a struggle within India where women were being forced into situations where survival became a priority and the hope for self-love diminished as the struggles grew. Women from low economic status are frequently forced into temple prostitution as a last resort once their families have determined they can not suffice the economic need to grant their marriage. With a daughter unable to marry, it is common for these children ranging from as young as four years old up to adulthood to be given to the temple as an offering to the goddess that is to bring good luck and fortune upon the family. The daughter who was once a burden is now seen as an extended amulet of the goddess. These daughters' journey to self-love becomes twisted with self-sacrifice and emotional hardship.

We believe that education and the empowerment of women in business, society and in the world are extremely important. We are dedicated to bettering not only the self-image but the lives of each client, mother, sister, and friend. We can be the pivoting point between these young women's unforeseeable future and the road to self-love and happiness by providing education and opportunity. These young ladies will be given the opportunity to become beauty professionals without the worry of cost and board. They will obtain the skills and qualities needed to become leading professionals granting the opportunity to develop a stable economic status while providing financial support to their families. The ultimate gift to be given to these underprivileged ladies is the right to make themselves a priority and better themselves while bettering the lives of their families.

We will conquer because we want more, we want to do more and we want to be the reason why others have more. This is the reason why we have decided to be the change in the journey to better the lives of women and children by providing resources, basic needs, and proper education.

What’s Next:
The Kerotin team has developed a cosmetology program that is designed to teach at-risk women of temple prostitution to become leading cosmetologists in the up and coming cities of India. Kerotin will be partnering with local salons to provide jobs to our students upon graduating. Graduates will not only graduate knowledgable and skilled cosmetologist but be an extension of our voice and fight for self-love.

We look forward to sharing the stories of our students once enrolled and we will bring you along the journey of our first set of graduates. If you would like to be a part of this project and be the reason why others have more in life, please send an email to

We look forward to collaborating and partnering with all who wish to be a reason why others smile a little brighter each day!

Remember, we are here for you, to guide you, to love you, and to embrace you.