Moroccan Argan Oil

A Quick History of One of the World’s Most Popular Hair Treatments

You only have to walk down the hair care aisle at your local grocery store to find dozens of products that contain Moroccan argan oil. This is because argan oil has significant and proven benefits for the health and beauty of hair. In fact, the oil is a great source of Vitamin E and different types of essential fatty acids, and these provide you with benefits that range from moisturizing hair to healing and even protecting it against the signs of aging. With a closer look at how this oil became so popular, you may find that its benefits have been well proven over the centuries.

The Earliest Uses of Argan Oil

The argan tree is unique in that it is only indigenous in a small area in Morocco. The oil is derived by grinding the pits of the argan fruit, and the indigenous people who lived close to where the trees grew naturally originally used this oil for cooking as well as for first aid treatments and skin care. The locals as well as goats who liked to climb the trees and eat the fruits almost made these trees extinct. However, the benefits and unique properties of argan oil become known, and there is now a preserved area in this region where the trees thrive.

The Discovery of the Health and Beauty Benefits of Argan Oil

In the early 16th century, the explorer Leo Africanus was traveling through the region when he came across the locals using this beneficial oil for various purposes. He was directly responsible for bringing this oil to various areas in Europe and for introducing foreigners to its benefits. At that time, it was still largely used for cooking as well as for skin care and first aid. However, the benefits to hair gradually become known. It was used independently as a hair care treatment for many years, but it is now more commonly used as a key ingredient in many hair care products.

The Most Coveted Hair Care Ingredient

Argan oil is only created by Berber workers indigenous to the region, and this is by order of law. Because of this, the oil continues to be relatively rare and coveted. However, due to its incredible properties, many are willing to pay a premium to enjoy its benefits. When applied to the hair, it can strengthen hair strands and follicles, and it creates intense sheen in the strands. It is used to treat dry and damaged hair, and it can also tame frizzy hair. It can be purchased separately and added to a preferred brand of conditioner, or you can purchase it as an ingredient in some types of conditioners.

There are many ingredients that have waxing and waning levels of popularity, but argan oil is unique in that its popularity has only increased over the years. This is because it has proven itself repeatedly as providing solid benefits for hair care. If you have not yet tried argan oil, you may consider experiencing its benefits for yourself.