How To Assess And Treat Damaged Hair

When it comes to damaged hair it is easy to feel overwhelmed. What kind of damage do you actually have and what about your hair is actually damaged? Now: don't worry. You won't have to spend your weekend googling the facts and the remedies: just read on.

Your hair is resilient and you are too!
Your hair is such a fighter. It goes through a lot of damage every day. Think about it:

- Every day you walk out the door your hair is exposed to sun damage 

- If you live in a dry area, the hair will lose moisture

- Pollution is constantly stripping keratin away from the hair

- Styling your hair with heating tools is another form of heat damage

- Daily breaking and pulling can cause quite the number of damage (i.e. Metal infused hair ties, broken end on a hairbrush, tangled bobbing pins)

Daily Damage=Daily Care
Daily damage calls for daily protection. Your hair is actually made up of a protein called Keratin and whichever type of damage contributor your locks are exposed to will affect the Keratin within your hair. Looking for a shampoo and conditioner that contains Keratin will make all the difference to protect and rebuild hair.
The greater the damage is essentially the greater decay of Keratin and that means a higher need to add Keratin back to hair.

A Night Out
A night out does wonders for recovering from stress and pressure.  Imagine what a “night out” for your hair can do? It can make all the difference. Breaking up your daily hair routine and incorporating a deep conditioning treatment with a higher dose of Keratin can help if you have been exposed to prolonged damage. A deep conditioning treatment should only be used once to twice a week to have a perfect balance of Keratin repair and avoid Keratin build-up that can cause hair to become stiff and unmanageable.

Take care of yourself and your hair because your hair is the crown you were born with and you deserve to have it shine!