A Guide to Growing Your Hair Long and Strong

Long and strong hair is a dream of every woman. Growing healthy and beautiful hair is not difficult. Yet, it requires effort, patience, and the right practice to protect your hair from damage. If you’ve been following a hair care routine for long, but still don’t see desired results, you probably feel like giving up. Well, in that case, don’t forget that long, shiny hair not only enhances your beauty, but also captivates the attention of everyone around.

Lucky for you, here’s a guide to growing your hair Rapunzel-like long and strong.

1.     Use the Right Hair Products

When it comes to growing your hair long and strong, choosing the right hair care products is of utmost importance. One of the ingredients commonly found in most hair care items is sulfate. While sulfate removes the grease, it also strips the natural oils that are essential for hair growth. As a result, your hair becomes frizzy and dry.

Therefore, always choose a shampoo that is sulfate-free, such as Kerotin’s hair renewal shampoo. But it doesn’t end here; choosing the right shampoo isn’t the only thing to consider. Other products like conditioners, hair mask, oil, and serum are essential to a good hair care regimen. Using Kerotin’s hair products not only prevents damage, but also makes your hair long and strong.

2.     Use Vitamin-Rich Supplements

If you have been taking hair-friendly foods regularly, but want instant results, take vitamin-rich supplements that boost hair health. It ensures you get adequate nutrition that is required for robust hair growth.

While there is a variety of supplements, like multivitamin and biotin tablets, go for Kerotin’s hair growth formula, as it contains all the essential nutrients in the right amount. Not to mention, it’s one of the best ways to encourage hair growth, if you’re aspiring for long and strong hair.

3.     Don’t Brush Your Hair too Often

Despite the myth that many women believe, brushing your hair too often does not make your hair long and healthy. Especially if you have dry and frizzy hair, they easily tangle and make you struggle a lot in brushing.

Well, combing them repeatedly not only breaks weak strands, but also strips off natural moisture from your scalp.

However, don’t forget that brushing hair stimulates blood circulation around your follicles, which eventually encourages strong growth. Therefore, only brush your tresses 2-3 times in a day with a wide-tooth comb. Make sure to comb gently to avoid breakage.

4.     Rinse with Vinegar

You will be surprised to know that rinsing your hair with vinegar can boost hair growth and make it appear silky, healthy, and shiny. Add 2 tablespoons of vinegar in 1-liter water and apply this mixture to condition them after washing your hair.

5.     Don’t Wash Your Hair Everyday

It might seem surprising to you that ‘not washing’ your hair every day is actually good for its health. This is because washing your hair daily saps off the natural oils from your scalp. Not to mention, the natural moisture that builds up on your tress encourages hair growth. This way, your hair becomes more brittle and weak.

In a similar way, not washing your hair for days wreaks havoc on them. The debris and dust that build up on your scalp and strands can clog your follicles, disrupting the growth of your hair.

Therefore, make sure to wash your hair regularly, like 2-3 times in a week. In addition, use Kerotin’s hair renewal shampoo and conditioner to have soft, manageable, and strong hair.

6.     Exfoliate your Scalp

Your tresses undergo several hair treatments and are often exposed to the environment. If not cared for properly, such practices and exposure can develop infections that weaken your hair follicles.

The common infections include eczema, psoriasis, and seborrheic dermatitis. These hair disorders will inhibit your hair growth and can eventually lead to massive hair loss.

While shampooing your hair removes the grease, deep-cleansing is essential to prevent conditions that lead to hair fall. For that, make sure to exfoliate your scalp once in a week with a facial scrub.

7.     Keep your Strands Tamed

If you have long hair, you probably find it tricky to tackle it. They easily become messy with some strands flowing in your face. Especially on super windy days, going out with open tresses takes a toll on your tresses.

 Eventually, your flowing strands not only annoy you, but also become tangled. Later, you struggle a lot to detangle them.

So, if you are heading out, make sure to tie your wild tresses with a soft-silk band so that they won’t break. Keeping your locks tamed is one of the best ways to encourage hair growth and strength.

8.     Forget Towel Wrapping

Whether you have straight tresses or curly manes, ‘the right drying technique’ is probably one of the first things that come to your mind. Wrapping your strands in a towel right after a shower makes sense. But, when your hair is dripping wet, it is more brittle and fragile and more prone to breakage. Therefore, just pat your wet tresses with a towel until they are dry.

9.     Protect your Hair

When you’re outdoors, your tresses are exposed to sun rays, and inevitable pollutants. Whether you’re commuting to the office or going to pick your kids from school, cover your hair with a hat or a scarf when you leave the house.

Many people overlook this aspect. But, every time you're heading out in the heat and dust, you’re sapping off moisture from your hair. Especially when the weather is harsh, don’t forget to protect your hair by covering it.

10.Sleep on Silk Pillow Covers

Earlier, we mentioned in one of our articles that fabric, like cotton, creates friction between your hair and the pillow, which in turn pulls out your weak tresses. This is the reason you see snapped hair strands on your pillow cover when you get up.

If you want to grow your hair long and strong, then you need to keep in mind that every little practice that can benefit you, leads to an attractive increase in your hair length.

If you use cotton pillowcases, switch them with silk ones. They cause less friction and prevent excessive tangling.


Besides styling, hair dyeing undeniably enhances your looks. But, don’t forget that most of the hair colors contain harsh chemicals, like ammonia, which is used as a bleaching agent. Believe it or not, frequently opting for color-treatments can wreak havoc on its health.

 Moreover, it can lead to inevitable hair fall, as the mentioned chemical weakens hair follicles. Rather than using chemicals infused hair colors, go for natural options, like henna.

In fact, you can use cinnamon powder or coffee as well.

12.Don’t take too many Hair Treatments

Every other day, women flaunt different hairstyles; sometimes perms, sometimes curly, and other times straight. However, do you know that these hair treatments include many harsh chemicals that can lead to significant hair fall?

Getting hair treatments, like rebounding or permanent curls, can not only result in split ends, but also makes them more brittle.

13.Avoid Brushing Wet Hair

If not blow dry, brushing wet hair is a good option to detangle hair. This is how many women may think. But that’s a misconception. Combing wet hair is one of the biggest mistakes. It’s because your hair becomes more fragile when wet, thereby more prone to damage.

Combing or brushing your tangled, wet tresses can pull out weak strands, making your hair thin.

14.Don’t Shower with Hot Water

Although a hot water bath is the most refreshing thing after a long, tiring day, it can cause great damage to your hair. It opens up your scalp pores, making the hair loose at the roots.

This is the reason you see your strands coming out in piles while drying. Always take a shower with cool water; it will allow cuticles to smooth out and give you silky soft, manageable hair.

15.Go for Protective Hair Styles and Accessories

Whether you style your hair in an intricate braid or high ponytail, tying your hair pulls them from the roots. Especially when you tie your strands too tight, they’re likely to snap out while leading to hair thinning.

For this reason, always choose hairstyles that cause no or little damage to your hair. Look for protective hairstyles that best suit your personality.

Other than that, tying up your hair ends with tight bands, like rubber bands, can also make them weak and lead to cumulative damage. If you have no other option than tying your wild tresses tight, apply Kerotin’s shapeshifter hairspray to secure your style. Moreover, switch to silk-made hair bands for your tresses.

16.Avoid Using Hair Styling Tools

If your stubborn tresses consume a lot of effort and time to style, you may find blow dryers, curling irons, or other tools great. While there is no denying that styling tools save you from making extra efforts, overusing them can drastically damage your hair. If blow drying is a must-to-do thing for you, try to use it minimally and go for air-drying.

Not to mention, it’s best to let you’re your hair dry naturally. Moreover, if you must use hot rollers, go for ceramic or flocked rollers, as they are relatively safer for your hair.

Avoid using spiked plastic rollers; they sometimes badly stuck and snap your strands. No matter how carefully you use styling tools, keep in mind that every time your hair is exposed to heat, it’s likely to cause some damage.

17.Watch What You Eat

Try to incorporate those foods in your diet that encourage hair growth. Seeds, leafy greens, beans, and fish are the best sources of nutrition that your hair requires. Keep in mind that your hair health is dependent on adequate nourishment.

Although a good shampoo and other hair products are essential, consuming hair-friendly food ensures great results.

Not to mention, eat a healthy diet to ensure that your hair gets all the essential nutrients it needs to grow long and strong. Moreover, add foods that are rich in biotin; this ingredient promotes strong and long hair.

18.Combat Stress

You have been taking special care of your tresses and treating it delicately. However, you don’t get the desired results; long and strong hair. If you encounter something like this, probably the reason is high levels of stress you’re going through.

Regardless of the reason, stress negatively affects the growth and health of your tresses. It makes hair lose its volume and density, leaving them malnourished and dull. Well, there is no better way than yoga to combat stress. Especially, meditation plays a great role in relieving stress. Besides, make sure you sleep at least 8 hours.

19.Drink Plenty of Water

You probably have heard a plethora of health benefits that come with drinking plenty of water. From relieving stress to regulating blood pressure, there are many advantages of replenishing your body with a sufficient amount of water.

That being said, if you want long and strong hair, make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day. Doing so will flush out toxins and help regulate blood circulation around your follicles, which leads to strong growth of hair.

20.Trim your Tresses Regularly

Whether you have frizzy strands or split ends, another secret to having long and strong hair is trimming them frequently. This idea probably has seemed counter-intuitive to you, but it’s highly essential for balanced hair growth.

Unhealthy strands filled with split ends inhibit health and growth of hair and lead to hair thinning. Therefore, make sure to trim them regularly.

The Bottom Line

From harsh weather to urban pollution, many environmental factors can damage your delicate strands and rip all the alluring beauty. So, if you want to bring that stellar beauty back to your tresses, follow this guide and stand out with your long and lustrous hair. Keep in mind that long and strong hair not only brings a captivating aesthetic to your looks, but also makes you feel great.

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Denise F.