Spa Facial Headband

$ 9

Kerotin Spa Facial Headband is all you need for your skincare routine! Includes a mesh bag for machine washing.

- Lint Free: microfiber does not leave lint behind on the skin and in pores
- Fast Drying: fast drying fibers, with no mess and drips. Fabric loop to allow air dry
- Chemical-free Material: made of ultra-fine and soft microfibers, suitable for all skin types
- Compact Size: lightweight and folds into a compact size. Perfect for travel, camping, gym, pool. Easy to store in a purse, gym bag, or backpack.
- Adjustable: elastic fibers and velcro feature to easily adjust to preference
- Multi-Function: can be used during day and night skincare routine. Perfect for face masks and makeup application. Perfect for travel, camping, gym, and pool use
- Re-usable: washer and dryer friendly

Safe for sensitive skin
Water absorbent

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