Jet Setter

$ 85 $ 110

"You shouldn’t have to settle for dull, boring hair just because you’re constantly on the go!" by Jordan Hebl

This combo will have your hair looking like you just left the salon even when you’ve been on a redeye flight; it’s just what you need for your adventurous lifestyle.

Limited suitcase space means multi-use products are an absolute must!

  • The Enriching Argan Oil isn’t just for the ends of your hair, but can be used on cuticles, dry lips, and your face too!
  • Because nobody has time to style their hair when they’re globetrotting, the Sea Salt Spray and Scrunchies will be your BFFs
  • End your long travel days with some quality beauty sleep on your Silk Pillowcase
  • When you’re back home reminiscing about your adventures, the Hair Renewal Mask is the perfect way to restore the shine and strength in your hair!

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