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BEAUTY SECRETS EXPOSED - Sunday, January 8, 2017 

Ladies, are you tired of your hair not growing?? We can all agree that after a certain age it just appears to stop growing and go frail. We all know there's no overnight hair-growth magical formula right? Okay good! I even tried those gummies, they didn't work :( BUT I did randomly come across something pretty AMAZING! I CANNOT believe how popular these ALL NATURAL vegetarian vitamins are on Instagram. I literally see them EVERYWHERE! Seriously women from all over the world were sending me success stories like every 15mins on Instagram and Snapchat. Finally I told myself, “Darcey! You need to try this!” (scroll down to see what it did for me) and honestly I was shocked. I cut my hair recently (4 months ago) and I hated it. I started taking these vitamins and my boyfriend thought I got extensions haha seriously I LOVE MY LONG NATURAL HAIR NOW. I mean, I am a beauty blogger, I come across all kinds of products all the time (those stupid hair product trial offers that don’t work---yeah you know what I’m talking about or those gummies that taste better than they work), but seriously I never had something work for me like this! Of course I had to tell EVERYONE! I posted all my new favorites pics from Instagram of women who tried it too.

Ladies, ask yourself if you can relate:

Your hair seems like it will only grow to a certain length and thickness - then it stops.

No matter how hard you've tried, it seems like you'll never be able to have the long, thick hair that it seems like it"s so easy for other people to get. Or maybe you've spent years growing your hair out, only to struggle with breakage, dryness and frizziness, or it becomes so unmanageable that you end up chopping it off again. (Only to fall into a "drastic haircut depression" and start the ridicously long cycle again!)


These situations aren't some figment of your imagination. I EXPERIENCED THE SAME THING. It's so annoying. My hair just would not grow not matter what I did or didn’t do it. I even put out a poll for BSE readers 6 months ago to see if anyone else had issues and apparently its an issue for A LOT of women. May told me it has always been extremely difficult (and for some, impossible) to grow long hair without resorting to painful hair extensions, weaves and other unnatural chemical infused remedies. So I did some research, and discovered this lack of hair growth is largely influenced by age - as we age into our late thirties and beyond, our bodies don't make the chemicals we need to grow healthy, thick hair - resulting in frail, dry hair that refuses to grow past our shoulders. I'm 38…so I was like “Great…crappy hair don’t care for the rest of my life now”

"Honestly, after using THIS there isn't a woman in my life I wouldn't recommend this product to if they wanted longer more beautiful hair. I'm that serious about how well it worked for me."

So many women are jumping on this natural hair enhancing wonder. And they should! We all deserve stronger, longer, and fuller hair and so many shared that is exactly what they got with this product. This remedy has proven time and time again to naturally speed up the rate of hair growth and give you strong, healthy hair. And best of all, it's TOTALLY affordable! I  know what you're thinking though and trust me I had my doubts too.

So you're probably wondering, what is it? What's it made of? Where can I freaking get it?! The crazy popular product is called: Kerotin Hair Growth Formula and its results are all over social media. This product is totally revolutionizing the beauty and hair industry. It"s been proven that most of us only grow hair at a rate of .2cm - .5cm per month. This is less than 50% of the growth that hair is capable of! (Umm heck no! I want more!) BUT…here’s the good part! Kertoin has found a way to remove the hair protein cap most of us experience. They have found the exact ratio of natural minerals and vitamins needed in order to stimulate the scalp and follicles to increase hair growth up to 6 inches! Kerotin has become very popular because its simple to use, safe, and cost effective. Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon and trying to figure out really why it works so well.

NO MORE Cream! Now it's a pill! The founders of Kerotin got smart and put it in pill form!! It so freaking easy now, I just take it every night. Before, they only had the cream, which took like 30 mins everyday to apply if you did it correctly. Seriously...WE DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THAT.

So with all the hype surrounding Kerotin Hair Growth Formula I wanted to verify for MYSELF that it worked as others said because I am never gonna feed you guys crap. Here is my 4-week experience (trust me I am going to keep using this even longer! I just bought a 6 month supply!).

Darcey's 3 Month Beauty Results:

Personally, Kerotin Hair Growth Formula was the key factor to getting my natural short hair to grow 6.1 inches in a matter of 3 months.

The picture on the right was taken after only 3 months of using Kerotin Hair Growth Formula.

"How did I do it?"

Putting the Kerotin Hair Growth Formula Beauty Claim to the Test

The Kerotin Hair Growth Formula arrived within 4 days of having placed my order online. To maximize my results I took 3 capsules at night before bed. I ordered the 3 month supply.


I am extremely skeptical about these products. However, I’ve tried literally everything else out there (from at-home hair masks to prescribed medication) and the results were either non-existent or came with annoying side effects that simply made it not worth the cost. Currently, my hair won’t grow past my shoulders, so I’ll be interested to see how quickly that changes and if it works without any bad side effects. Keeping my fingers crossed!


It’s been 4 weeks since I started taking Kerotin Hair Growth Formula and I am amazed at the results My hair has already grown 2 inches! I’ve kept my daily routine (diet, habits, hair-styling) completely the same so that there aren’t any outside factors affecting the outcome. I’ve noticed that my ends are stronger and there’s a lot less breakage when I brush through it. It also looks and feels a lot healthier in general. I haven’t experienced any negative side effects yet either, so overall I’m feeling pretty excited about what this product can do - I will update you in a week!


I am obsessed! Not only has my hair grown a total of FOUR AND A HALF INCHES in six weeks, but it’s shinier and much stronger as well. My ends, too, look like they’ve just been cut (no split ends – finally!), and as a whole it all feels a lot thicker and heavier, which I love! Not only that, but there’s been a noticeable improvement in my skin, which I was not expecting. Instead of side effects, I’m finding all these other benefits that the product doesn’t even advertise for. I’m definitely going to keep using this product.


I AM SHOCKED THIS WORKS SO WELL. Everybody is complimenting me on my hair - and I keep getting asked if I got extensions! I can’t even explain how much Kerotin has changed my life. I’m more confident now and SO much happier with the length, health, and beauty of my hair! I am now at a total growth of 6 inches and I am telling you – IT REALLY WORKS. After seeing my dramatic results, my mom, sisters, and even my hairdresser started taking Kerotin and they’re already seeing a difference. I finally have the amazing hair that I always dreamed of but could never achieve! THANK YOU Kerotin!!

I couldn't be any happier with the results. This hair combo has changed my looks, my life, and I spent way less than I do at the salon!

Will This Work For You?

In conclusion, if you are a little doubtful about the effects of this hair beauty combo, you need to try it for yourself; from our own test, the results are real. We at Beauty Secrets Exposed had our doubts initially, but we were quickly turned into believers. After conducting our own study, we are pleased to see that people really are finding success with this hair combo.

In order to try the Kerotin Hair Growth Formula, I ordered the product online. Although there are many other products available, I chose Kerotin on the basis that so many people have had success with it and its completely 100% all natural.

They are so confident that their products will work, they will give your money back if you don't like it! I had to dig into this product a little more.

Based on my findings, Kerotin has proven to:

  • Restore damaged hair follicles

  • Stimulate the scalp and hair Follicles for hair re-growth

  • Increase Body Dimension & Volume

  • Increase hair density and shine

Similarly Kerotin Hair Growth Formula has been proven to:

  • Nourish hair follicles with powerful vitamins and anti-oxidants

  • Naturally boost hair growth with organic minerals

  • Help maintain overall health & fight against external stress factors

A nice little bonus was that Kerotin Hair Growth Formulas backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Seriously, guys this changed my life, my confidence and the lives of so many other women out there. Lack of hair growth is a serious issue but now it doesn’t have to be ;)

P.S Anyone who says "This is Fake", please go away with your negativity and actually try it (CORRECTLY...follow the directions lol its not hard) for yourself before you talk crap! These natural vitamins have worked for a lot of women so girl say good bye to the internet trolls!

Happy Growing!

(*Bottles are running out fast. Claim now before stock sells out*)

Note: I used Kerotin Hair Growth Formula to grow my hair at a rapid rate over the course of at least 3 months, I suggest to use this product diligently to get the best results possible. Remember, hair unicorns don't exist ;)

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“ @darceyandersonbg I love my long healthy hair and I love being able to show it off. I’ve tried dozens of products and treatments but none worked better than Kerotin. Thank you from the bottom of my heart”

Martha Davidson San Diego, California

“@darceyandersonbg My Goodness! I just wish I could of found out about this earlier! The results were so shocking I couldn’t believe I was actually looking at my hair. My hair looks better than I ever could've hoped for”

Amanda Michaels Saratoga, Florida

“@darceyandersonbg WOW I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW MUCH IT HAS GROWN!! How is this possible! THANK YOU SO MUCH Darcey for sharing with me what worked for you! It worked for me too! Literally never cutting my hair again haha bad idea ”

Francesca Gonzalez Dallas, Texas

“ @darceyandersonbg THANK YOU SO MUCH Darcey for sharing! I am so confident about how my hair looks now <3"

Dorthy Wright Dallas, Texas

“@darceyandersonbg I am so happy and thankful for the results I have experienced!"

Olivia Johnson Dallas, Texas

““ @kristinawilsonbg I AM SO obsessed with my hair now! My husband adores it! Ladies, this is a beauty must have!/p>

Becky Gonzalez Dallas, Texas