5 Hair Growth Tips For Women By Susan Chen!

Susan Chens hair tips for Young Adults.


1.Use natural products, not chemical-based products on your hair.Harsh chemicals can deteriorate and dry out the hair and scalp leading to split ends and frizzy looking hair.

2. A good rule of thumb for choosing a product: Ensure it assists the body in producing the needed nutrients and oils to protect your hair from the inside out instead of supplementing nasty chemicals.

3. Women older than 25 tend to lose volume and sheen. Just go with it. Don’t recreate or over complicate the process, simply make changes to your diet for lasting results.

4. This is a hard one, but do not wash your hair more than once every couple of days (and especially do not over dry it using a blow dryer). Washing hair every day will dry it out and destroy the natural oil your body produces to protect your scalp. Washing and overheating does more damage than good. It's ok to go a day or two without stressing out your hair. A simple Up-Do or bun is a good way to protect your follicles.

5. If you’re going to use a product help your hair, find one that gives it the essential vitamins and minerals needed for lasting results. Be willing to spend money on a safe and natural product and give it the time needed to see and feel the difference. Consistency and patiences is critical.

Hair Stylist and beauty consultant Susan Chen says less is more as women age. She stands behinds her new product as a super solution.

Is there a woman who hasn’t resorted to recklessly using harsh chemicals and expensive shampoos hoping for quick results?

“The whole idea of less is more, that women shouldn’t be slaves to dozens of hair products, is what I really believe in,” said Susan Chen, a hair stylist and beauty consultant who’s pared down her own hair care kit to just a few items. The special weapon she recommends to all her clients is a new, all-natural, easy to take supplement product: Kerotin Hair Growth Formula by Kerotin Hair Care.

The line is not just for older women like Susan. “Kerotin is the sound of a revolution in hair care,” she says. “Shampoo companies are constantly adding products; I’m taking away. Kerotin is the only company that is pro-aging, not antiaging and is creating products that enrich your hair without damaging it."

Sarah Bradbury believes in growing her hair out naturally and not over-doing it with multiple expensive products. When asked what is in her purse when she leaves for the day, she said, "Kerotin of course! It’s an all-in-one solution for maintaining longer, stronger hair. It's easy to take and I don't have to worry about packing large bottles of liquid shampoo and conditioners around while I'm traveling."

"There is this pressure in the beauty industry to have long, flowing, natural hair," said Sarah. "I also understand that not everyone's hair growth's the same. But the foundation for healthy hair is the same and is kind of awesome… Don’t over-product—that’s the other thing, if you are giving your hair the right vitamins and nutrients it needs it will look healthy naturally".


The products come in convenient containers that fit in the palm of your hand. Kerotin offers package options for those who recognize the importance of being consistent and achieving lasting results. They offer their product in 30 Day, 3-Month, and 6-Month bundles. They are as low as $19.95 each and sold only on her  website.

Judging by the photos and videos, Susan, who recently turned 35, needs no help with looking fabulous with long hair. She’s one of those Shakira beauties with lovely features, luminous skin and long brown hair, who spends just a few minutes a day on her hair before she’s out the door. As women age, she says, looking natural, rather than made up, is the key.

About a year ago,
she went into the hair care business herself“I’d done others' hair for over a decade and when I created this product, I created what I would want in my own body,” she says. “I wanted to do a line that was not about hiding, but was about revealing your hairs natural beauty”. The overall effect, she says, is a "stronger, volumized, natural looking head of hair".The biggest hair mistake that women make is putting on too many harmful products in their hair,” she said. “At home, it might look OK, but in the daylight, it just looks like a bunch of built up gunk holding it all together. The older you get, the less products you should use. You have to start on the inside for healthy hair, not the outside..”

“When somebody says to you, ‘Wow, you have such beautiful glowing hair?’ That’s successful hair care”.

Try Kerotin Hair Growth Formula By Susan Chen! You’ll love it.