Make Up Removal Pads + Spa Facial Headband

$ 17 $ 25


Perfect combo to gently care for your skin and hair! This bundle is equipped with microfiber makeup removal pads to gently glide over skin for makeup removal. Completed with a microfiber spa headband to make sure you have no stray hair in your way when applying your skincare routine.

Includes mesh bags for machine washing.

Microfiber Makeup Removal Pads: 3 white reusable, washable makeup removal pads for makeup removal, toning, and cleansing applications. Simply add water and glide across the face for makeup removal. Clean with water and soap and let air dry on a daily basis. Machine wash every other week. Includes a mesh bag for machine washing.

Spa Headband: 1 microfiber spa headband. Adjustable, lint free and safe for sensitive skin. Includes a mesh bag for machine washing.

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